LoadAll Aluminum Self-Storing Attached ATV Ramp System - 8' Long

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  • Weight is rested on truck bed, not the tailgate
  • Easy to use one person loading
  • Height is only 5" allowing you to use your bed w/o removing the ramp
  • Stainless steel hardware w/ multiple rollers on ramp w/ no chance of binding
  • Ford trucks 2005 or newer using LoadAll-V2-800 require LoadAll-Hinge-27
  • Mounting Requirements: LoadAll-Hinge-27: Required for Fords 2005 or newer. LoadAll-V2-800: *Ford 2005 or newer requires LoadAll-Hinge-27-See below

This revolutionary LoadAll motorcycle ramp features an innovative self-storing design that allows the ramp to be tucked away conveniently inside the platform on the bed of your pickup. The 6" height of the system means you can use your truck bed without removing the ramp. Unlike other conventional ramps, this unique system distributes the cargo weight across the platform rather than the tailgate, so you can transport motorcycles, ATVs, garden tractors, and more without worry!

Transport ATVs, garden tractors, motorcycles, and more effortlessly with this state-of-the-art LoadAll truck bed ramp. A convenient self-storing design lets you slide the 8' ramp inside the platform keeping it readily accessible but out of sight and safe from potential thieves. Designed for use with standard, long bed trucks, this aircraft-grade aluminum ramp fits entirely inside the platform when not in use so the tailgate can be kept closed safely. Six rollers inside the platform guide the ramp out when you need it with no risk of binding and without needing to remove the tailgate. The machined surface of the LoadAll truck ramp and platform provides lasting traction that won't scratch off or fade. With its full 43" width, this practical ramp makes it easy to plant your feet for stability while loading and unloading your motorcycle. A handy 24" flip plate creates a gradual incline, simulating an arched design, to assist in transporting lawn tractors and other low-clearance vehicles. With the weight distributed evenly across the platform instead of the tailgate, you can transport motorcycles, 4-wheel vehicles and garden equipment safely without concern. This lightweight, yet sturdy, V2-800 installs easily with four slotted brackets and four eye hook bolts that also serve as tie-down points for securing your cargo. Get the most out of your LoadAll truck bed ramp when you add useful accessories to your order including a ramp extension kit , a ramp width extension kit , table legs , and ramp extension legs . Load up and secure your gear in minutes with the LoadAll truck bed ramp!

3' 7"
lbs distributed
The truck bed ramps work well installed on full-size trucks - please verify your dimensions! Custom widths are available for mid-sized trucks (call for pricing).
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