Vantech Adjustable Eye Hooks with Easy-Turn Knobs

The adjustable eye hooks are tie down points that adjust and lock-in with easy-turn knobs. These eyehooks are compatible with channeled aluminum cross bars from Vantech.

Item # Description Compatibility Status Price Quantity
A25 1" Eye Hook with Wide Slider
for Aluminum Cross Bars
A285, A286
A26 1" Eye Hook with Thin Slider
for Aluminum Cross Bars
A270, A287, A613


The steel tie down loop comes with a dual-pegged slider and easy-turn knob that installs directly into the channels of aluminum cross bars. The easy-turn knob locks the slider in place at the desired tie down point.

Product Features

  • Closed tie-down eyehooks
  • Easy-turn knob for adjusting and tightening
  • Dual peg slider


Instruction Manual

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