Vantech M3000 Van Roof Racks

The angled bars featured in the M3000 roof rack system make ladders and other material more accessible for loading and unloading. Angled bars and gravity help keep materials near the edge and out of the hard-to-reach areas. Rack systems are available in 59" and 72" and in a choice of durable steel or lightweight aluminum.

Item # Crossbar
Bar Type Material Color Status Price Quantity
M3000 59" A333 Steel
M3050 72" A333 Steel
M3100 59" A350 Aluminum
Sold in pairs


Vantech's M3000 roof racks for vans are dual bars that feature an arched design that makes loading an easier process. Vantech offers durable steel racks as well as lightweight aluminum models. The M3000 mounts with the help of a 1" x 5" interior plate that fits universally to any mini or midsize van. Drilling is required for installation. The 15.5" tall system is capable of holding up to 500 pounds, or 250 pounds per bar. Included accessories are four 5" side supports, 2 ladder stoppers, one ladder guide, and 2 EZ Velcro straps. Ladder guides and stoppers feature easy-turn knobs that make adjusting and removal of cargo and accessories quicker and easier. Ladder stoppers feature an angled bracket that prevents ladders from bouncing and shifting forward while traveling. The ladder guide is a straight looping bracket that helps separate cargo and prevents lateral movement. The ladder stoppers and guide, when used with the aluminum system, can be mounted to sliders that are placed in the extruded channels. This allows the stoppers and guide to slide along the channels to a desired position on the cross bars. Mounting bases have two eyehooks each that act as tie-down points for roof top cargo. Both styles of van racks come in a choice of a protective black or white powder coating. The EZ Velcro straps slide over the cross bars and hold up to 75 pounds each. Steel systems come with galvanized hardware while the aluminum series includes stainless steel hardware.

1" W x 1-1/2" H
250 lbs
500 lbs

Product Features

  • Durable steel or lightweight aluminum construction choices
  • Angled bars for easier loading and unloading
  • Universal mini/midsize van fitments
  • Heavy duty steel cross bars
  • Extruded channeling in aluminum
  • Four 5" side supports to prevent lateral cargo movement
  • Dual ladder stoppers to prevent cargo from sliding foreword
  • One ladder guide separates ladders and cargo from one another
  • Two EZ Velcro straps for securing ladders
  • Protective black or white powder coating
  • Galvanized hardware included with steel systems
  • Stainless steel hardware included with aluminum systems
  • Mounted by interior plates
  • Drilling required


Steel Instruction Manual
Aluminum Instruction Manual

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