Vantech Van Roof Rack System

The J4000 van rack roof system is a two bar model that comes with 6', 8', or 10' side rails to help contain cargo. The aluminum system features channeling for mounting accessories. Side rails include Bullhorn handles for loading and unloading with ease.

Item # Length Width Capacity Color Status Price Quantity
J4002 72" 50" 500 lbs
J4004 96" 50" 500 lbs
J4006 120" 50" 500 lbs
J4015 72" 60" 500 lbs
J4020 96" 60" 500 lbs
J4025 120" 60" 500 lbs
J4030 72" 72" 500 lbs
J4035 96" 72" 500 lbs
J4040 120" 72" 500 lbs


The J4000 from Vantech is an aluminum roof rack system for minivans or midsize vans. Each cross bar has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, giving an overall capacity of 500 pounds when evenly distributed. The two bar system comes with side rails that are available in three lengths to accommodate most mini or midsize vans. Bullhorn side rail extensions are included and attached to both sides of the van to allow loading and unloading from any side of the vehicle. Interior plates are used to connect the 6" mounting bases to the minivan roof tops. Poly foam gaskets are placed in between the mounting bases and the roof top to prevent water leakage. The mounting bases have two eyehooks each that act as tie-down points for cargo. The aluminum cross bars have an oblong shape to reduce drag and wind noise while on the move. Two included ladder stoppers mount to the front cross bar channel to stop ladders from bouncing and sliding during transit. The stoppers can adjust in height from 8 – 11". Two Push-2-Secure ladder clamps are included and used with the ladder stoppers to minimize rattle and sliding during transport. The ladder clamps are mounted to the rear cross bar channel and adjust from 4 – 6" in height. Included rubber bar guard strips feature a notched bottom that fit directly into the aluminum channels. The rubber strips prevent ladders and other cargo from contacting the bar, giving the cross bars a longer life. Stainless steel is included to install the van roof rack. The J4000 van racks can be installed to any vehicle, with or without drip rails (Drilling is required).

2-1/4" W x 1" H
250 lbs

Product Features

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Aerodynamic cross bars
  • Bullhorn side rail extensions
  • Aluminum side rails (6', 8', 10')
  • Powder coated for protection (White systems)
  • Anodized for protection (Silver systems)
  • Two adjustable ladder stoppers
  • Push-2-Secure ladder clamps (2)
  • Rubber cross bar guards
  • Poly foam mounting base gaskets
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Drilling required


Instruction Manual

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