Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps

Regain your independence with scooter and wheelchair ramps from Discount Ramps – they restore your access and give you the freedom to live your life. With our huge selection of portable, modular, vehicle-mounted, and threshold ramps, we have the perfect choice to suit all your mobility needs and get you on your way!

How to Choose Your Wheelchair Ramp

To choose the correct mobility ramp for your needs, it’s important to determine the following:

Type of Ramp

The purpose of your ramp, so you can select the correct type. Are you going up steps, inside a sliding door or vehicle, or into a doorway? We’ve provided pictures above to help you visualize the various ramps that we have available. You’ll typically want a portable wheelchair ramp to get up multiple steps or inside a vehicle, and a threshold ramp to get into a sliding door, front door, or up a single step.


The width of the scooter or wheelchair you will be using with your ramp. Once you decide what type of ramp you need, you can determine how wide the ramp should be to accommodate your scooter or wheelchair. It’s recommended that you allow for additional wiggle room on either side of your mobility device to safely transport it up your ramp.

Weight Capacity

How much your scooter or wheelchair weighs, and whether you’ll be riding in it when moving up your ramp. If you’ll be riding up the ramp inside your scooter or wheelchair, be sure to include your body weight when determining the weight capacity.


The height of the object you’re trying to go up, since it’s important to determine your ramp length so that the incline isn’t too steep. First, measure the height of the object you’re trying to get up, and then enter that number in inches into our Mobility Calculator to determine the proper ramp length for your needs.

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