Handi-Ramp Handi-Trak Aluminum Wheelchair Track Ramps - 400 lb & 600 lb Capacities

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The Handi-Trak wheelchair ramps provide easy access over single and multiple step barriers for wheelchair occupants. The Handi-Trak ramps are lightweight and portable as they fold for compact storage and have integrated carrying handles for convenient transport. The non-skid surface provides optimal traction and the durable aluminum construction will give you decades of useful service. The Handi-Track wheelchair ramps are available in lengths up to 10' and capacities up to 600 lbs.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Non-slip surface
  • Integrated carrying handles
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Compact folding design
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Item # Description Length Capacity Weight Status Price Quantity
HT30 Non-Folding 30" 600 lbs 4.5 lbs (each)

HT45 Non-Folding 45" 600 lbs 6.5 lbs (each)

HT60 Simple Hinge 5' 400 lbs 9 lbs (each)

HT90 Simple Hinge 7.5' 400 lbs 13.5 lbs (each)

HT60S Super-Duty
Simple Hinge
5' 600 lbs 12 lbs (each)

HT96S Super-Duty
Simple Hinge
8' 600 lbs 19.5 lbs (each)

HT120S Super-Duty
Simple Hinge
10' 600 lbs 23 lbs (each)


The heavy duty hinge system and aluminum construction can hold up to 600 lbs Available in multiple lengths and capacities to fit your situation and application! Can be used indoors and outdoors!


The Trak System from Handi-Ramp is a full range of lightweight, portable wheel and power chair tracks (or channel ramps) designed to be convenient and easy to use. These ramps are manufactured from durable, extruded aluminum with a non-skid surface for decades of useful service for your wheelchair. They are available in a range of lengths corresponding to the single and multiple-step barriers commonly encountered in everyday living.

The Trak line now includes the lightest, most portable wheelchair track ramp products available on the market today. Our new 30" Traks weigh only 4 1/2 lbs per track, while the new 45" unit weighs only 6 1/2 lbs per track. Yet both systems will easily accommodate weights up to 600 lbs

All Handi-Trak systems feature a 6 3/4" width (inner dimension) to accommodate the widest wheelchair offset and camberage. There are no difficult-to-manipulate buttons or telescoping parts to separate or catch on wheels.

Durable welded hinges make Traks wheelchair ramps easy to use; simply unfold to use and fold to carry or store.

All Traks feature Easy-Carry Handles that reduce stress on fingers and wrists. Traks that are 60" and longer are hinged for additional convenience and portability. Easy-carry handles reduce finger and wrist stress.

Super-Duty Traks are made from heavier gauge extruded aluminum designed to provide extra strength and weight capacity. Handi-Ramp also offers the Stabilizer Bar, an important new accessory developed specifically to keep Traks from moving or sliding while in use. The Stabilizer Bar ensures absolute Trak System stability for van access or particularly steep applications. To use, simply mount the stabilizer bar on the threshold of a barrier or van doorway, then securely lock each Trak down into it.

Handi-Ramp trak Wheelchair System
6-3/4" per track

Product Features

  • Convenient compact folding design
  • Easy-Carry Handles reduce stress on fingers and wrists
  • Durable welded hinges
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Traction surface prevents slipping
  • Ramps are sold in pairs
  • Limited lifetime warranty


How To: Determine Proper Wheelchair Ramp Length
How To: Choose Between Full-Width Wheelchair Ramps and Track Ramps

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