ATV/UTV Wheel Bonnet

Wheel bonnets let you safely and securely tie down your ATV or UTV by its tires. This frees the suspension to properly continue to support the vehicle. Use two straps to secure vehicles weighing up to 1,200 lbs. Recommended by professionals for safety and to extend the life of your suspension.

  • Ties down your ATV or UTV while leaving suspension free
  • Fits most ATV, UTV and three-wheeler tires
  • Easy to use ratchet mechanism ensures a tight fit
  • Secures vehicles up to 1,200 lbs using two tie downs
  • Four straps required for securing UTV's
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1 Year Warranty


These tire bonnets safely and securely anchor your ATV or UTV by the tires, allowing the suspension to be free to support the vehicle.


Safely anchor down your ATV or UTV with ATV Wheel Bonnets! These wheel tie down straps securely anchor your vehicle by the tires, preventing it from rolling. Because the tire bonnets secure the ATV below the suspension, the suspension is free to work as it was designed and support the vehicle. This also allows the wheel bonnets to stay tight, as the suspension is not working against them, and your shocks and springs will have a longer life and reliability. Two ATV wheel bonnets will anchor one ATV up to 1,200 lbs. It is recommended that UTVs be anchored by all four tires.

Individually sold ATV Wheel Bonnet for securing your ATV, UTV, or 3 wheeler tires. Keeps your cargo from rolling or bouncing. Accommodates many sized ATV tires.

Product Features

  • Anchors below the suspension, allowing the suspension to support the vehicle
  • Holds tight and stays tight as the suspension is not working against the anchors
  • Anchors by the tires, so shocks and springs will last longer
  • Two wheel tie downs will anchor one ATV up to 1200 lbs
  • UTVs should be anchored by all four tires
  • 1 year warranty

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5 Stars ATV Wheel Bonnet

Kevin from MO wrote (January 14, 2015):

Fast shipping! Functions as described on the website. Perfect size for ATVs. I Highly recommend!

5 Stars ATV Wheel Bonnet

Elkbow John from CA wrote (December 11, 2014):

On time and exactly as described. Don't bother to transport your toy without this item. Works perfect, simple to install. Great design and really works...