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Hitch Cargo Carriers

Discount Ramps offers a huge selection of trailer hitch-mounted cargo carriers with plenty of options for hauling extra gear. These receiver hitch cargo carriers are perfect for road trips when you're limited for space inside your vehicle but do not want to hook up a full-size trailer. Our assortment of lightweight and affordable cargo carriers includes baskets, trays, enclosed cargo boxes, and more. These strong and stable carriers will become an essential tool for any getaway!

For help assessing which carrier is right for you, please read our article How to Choose the Best Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier.

Why Do I Need a Cargo Carrier?

Sometimes there isn't quite enough room in your vehicle to fit everything for a hunting trip, camping expedition or family vacation! These carriers take some of the bulk, freeing up your interior space. We have models that can hold up to 500 pounds of extra gear, and most attach directly to a 2 inch Class III or Class IV square receiver with no adapters needed.

How to Choose the Right Type

As you start your search, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Determine your hitch class
  • Think about the cargo you'll be transporting
  • Estimate the weight of your cargo
  • Think about the weather conditions
  • Assess how frequently you'll use your carrier

Features For Multiple Applications

We have many styles with unique designs that are suitable for different application:

  • Baskets provide high sides to keep contents extra secure
  • Trays come with low sides, and are ideal for large, self-contained items such as coolers
  • Folding options can be tucked up and out of the way for parking when not in use
  • Ramps are perfect for loading and transporting mobility devices or small lawn equipment
  • Stack racks are designed to hold coolers and have a smaller footprint than other carriers
  • Slide-out models can be moved out of the way to access the rear hatch