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Loading Dock Bumpers

Discount Ramps offers a variety of loading dock bumpers to guard your building from accidential truck trailer impacts, which can lead to expensive structural damage. Our dock bumpers are designed to absorb and disperse collision impact, and will be dependable for years. Our dock bumpers are available in vertical and horizontal styles, as well as in a multiple shapes to accommodate custom dock configurations. Larger dock bumpers can be used to bridge the gap between tall trucks and docks with long overhangs, making loading and unloading the truck safer and easier. Easy to install, most include pre-drilled mounting holes and can be used both inside and outside your facility.

The Benefits of Dock Bumpers

Bumpers are a necessity for any facility that operates a loading dock, for several reasons:

  • They prevent semi-trailers from making contact, or hitting, your building
  • They are engineered to absorb shock and collisions
  • Quality bumpers will last for years, making them a sound investment
  • They can prevent accidents if your docks are at irregular approach grade

Laminated vs. Molded Rubber

Laminated bumpers are formed by pressing multiple layers of rubber vertically for enhanced impact durability and heavy duty applications. Molded rubber bumpers are sometimes reinforced with nylon fibers, and are a dependable option that is suited for areas with lower traffic.