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Ideal for people who need help with balance and stability, rollators are an excellent and affordable option. Shop our selection of premium light-weight rollators to find the perfect one to meet your needs.

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Key Rollator Features

As you decide on a rollator, consider your personal needs and limitations as well as what features will benefit you the most. Fortunately, most of these come standard on our rollator offering!

  • Three of four-wheel models
  • Brakes for extra stability and control
  • Padded seat for knee or seated rest
  • Basket, pouch or tray to transport or store objects
  • Height-adjustable handles
  • Wheels suitable for indoor or outside use

Safety First!

  • Move the rollator ahead of you before you take a step
  • Make sure your handles are adjusted to your height
  • When attempting to sit or stand up from a sitting position, always engage the brakes first
  • Walk inside the rollator; fold the seat up if needed
  • Check the brakes frequently and make sure the wheels rotate freely