Equipment / Bobcat Ramps

Discount Ramps offers tough, heavy-duty aluminum ramps to efficiently load heavy construction and agricultural equipment. These ramps are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions, and won't warp or wobble under the weight of your Bobcat, dump truck, or skid steer loader. If you have commercial-grade equipment, then you need a set of heavy-duty trailer ramps!

Our heavy equipment trailer ramps are made from durable aluminum, which is one of the strongest commercial metals available. The resulting skid steer ramps support up to 12,000-lbs. per axle, giving you 24,000-lbs. of loading capacity. These ramps are light enough for one or two people to carry, and are highly resistant to corrosion.

Our equipment ramps can be used with pneumatic tires or rubber tracks, and are available in multiple styles. Hook-end trailer ramps attach directly to the rub rail or angle iron, while pin-on heavy-duty ramps connect to the skid-seat bracket. Both options provide a secure non-slip hold with or without safety straps. A variety of lengths are available from four-foot ramps up to 14-foot ramps. The higher your trailer or hauler sits off the ground, the longer your equipment ramps need to be, so measure carefully before you start your search. All of our ramps have a serrated track to provide the most grip of anything on the market.

We offer other equipment loading accessories to make loading your equipment as efficient as possible. Discount Ramps has binder ratchets and heavy-duty chains for strapping down your cargo, loading ramp dollies to carry your heavy-duty ramps and hanger brackets to store them beneath a trailer or flat bed for transport. We can even make you a custom equipment trailer ramp if you have a particularly challenging job. Contact us to learn more about our heavy-duty loading ramps or if you have questions regarding an order.