Motorcycle Service Equipment

Save time and money while extending the life of your motorcycle by performing regular maintenance and tune-ups from your own garage! Discount Ramps offers a wide selection of professional-grade motorcycle service equipment for budding mechanics to seasoned professionals.

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Motorcycles are expensive, high-performance machines that require specialized tools and motorcycle shop equipment to keep them maintained and running at tip-top condition. If you're not conducting regular service and maintenance on your own motorcycle, then you're spending unnecessary time and money at the dealership or mechanic, and missing out on one of the greatest aspects of owning a bike. Putting your own time and sweat into keeping your motorcycle running at peak performance will help extend its life and add a whole new dimension to your connection with your ride.

At, you will find unbeatable low prices on all the specialty motorcycle tools and equipment that you need to keep your pride and joy in top form. All of our affordable Black Widow motorcycle tire changing tools and other equipment are constructed out of heavy-duty steel with a striking black powder-coated finish, and each tool is covered by our one-year manufacturer's warranty. For anyone looking to outfit an entire shop or garage, we're proud to offer complete Motorcycle Shop Kits in three packages designed to suit any mechanical skill level. Each of our complete motorcycle service equipment shop kits includes free shipping and comes with a heavy-duty lift table, wheel balancer, motorcycle jack, bead breakers, lights, and more!

The perfect tool for any garage or shop setup, our Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Balancer is a static wheel balancer with 30g of wheel balancing weights that works with Harleys, cruisers, road bikes, sport bikes, MX dirt bikes, and other bikes with tires up to 10" wide and 28" in diameter. We also offer a portable model that makes it easy to balance a wheel when you're at the race track or on the road, and another deluxe model that includes a truing arm, adjustable support arms, and centering pins to help you true spoked tires precisely. Use one of our Black Widow Tire Bead Breakers to break, old, rusty, or frozen beads and repair wheels with bead-lock. We offer bead breakers in two sizes to accommodate nearly all tire sizes, and their extended handles provide enough leverage to break even the most stubborn beads.

Take your shop to the next level of motorcycle repair capability with a heavy-duty adjustable shop press — perfect for stamping, bending, straightening, crushing, replacing bearings, loosening seized or rusted parts, and much more! We're proud to offer industrial-strength 20-ton shop presses in both hydraulic and air-operated models to accommodate any garage or shop setup. Our padded, height-adjustable Black Widow Shop Seat — a must-have for any shop — reduces back and knee strain by making it easy to work in low-to-the-ground areas, and includes a handy built-in tool tray. Don't forget to check out our huge assortment of discounted lifts, jacks, and stands to raise your motorcycle to the proper servicing height and complete your shop's array of motorcycle repair equipment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about motorcycle service equipment, would like to place an order, or if there are any other motorcycle shop tools you are looking for but don't see on our website.