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Motorcycle Service Equipment

Save time and money while extending the life of your motorcycle by performing regular maintenance and tune-ups from your own garage! We have an extensive assortment of high-quality motorcycle lifts, jacks, and stands, designed for all styles and types of bikes.

Brand Spotlight: Black Widow

One of our highly popular house brands, Black Widow offers a wide range of steel and aluminum products to help you safely load, transport, maintain and store your motorcycle, ATV or UTV. Products include ramps, carriers, lifts, stands, covers, shop kits, accessories and more!

Why Should I Service My Own Bike?

Motorcycles are expensive, high-performance machines that require specialized tools and equipment to keep them running at tip-top condition, so if you're not conducting regular service and maintenance on your own motorcycle, then you're spending unnecessary time and money at the dealership or mechanic; not to mention you're missing out on one of the greatest aspects of owning a bike! Put your time and sweat into keeping your motorcycle running at peak performance. It will help extend the life of your motorcycle and add a whole new dimension to your connection with your ride.

Product Spotlight: Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

The Black Widow motorcycle wheel balancer is a static wheel balancer with 30g of balance weights. It works with Harleys, cruiser, road bikes, sport bikes, MX dirt bikes and other bikes with tires up to 10 inches wide and 28 inches in diameter. Our deluxe model includes a truing arm and centering pins to help you true spoked tires precisely.

Motorcycle Shop Kits

Don't settle, get the lot! Discount Ramps offers three motorcycle shop kits to suit any mechanical skill level. They are a complete solution for your motorcycle maintenance, and they ship for free! Each set includes professional-grade products such as a lift, tire beaders, wheel balancer and truing stand, dolly, battery charger, work lights, jacks, and similar items. Each set comes with slightly different items, so be sure to verify that the set you want has the pieces you need.