Black Widow Steel Cruiser & Chopper Motorcycle Dolly - 1,250 lb Capacity

This cruiser motorcycle dolly makes moving your cruiser in the shop or in storage a breeze. Loading couldn't be easier - simply lower the loading ramp using its handle, wheel your bike onto the ramp, rest the kickstand on the adjustable kickstand plate and you're done. Extra long 94" dolly is perfect for all long wheelbase motorcycles. More
1 Year Warranty

This cruiser motorcycle dolly makes moving your cruiser in the shop or in storage a breeze. Loading couldn't be easier - simply lower the loading ramp using its handle, wheel your bike onto the ramp, rest the kickstand on the adjustable kickstand plate and you're done. Extra long 94" dolly is perfect for all long wheelbase motorcycles.

  • Heavy duty 12 gauge steel construction
  • 94" long x 8" wide track
  • Includes loading ramp, adjustable kickstand plate and wheel safety pins
  • Kickstand has 31" range and 5 different locking positions
  • Kickstand can be used on left or right side of dolly
  • 5 double caster wheels for easy maneuverability

The Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly makes storing your motorcycle easier than ever. Specifically designed with cruisers and choppers in mind, the Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly has an extra long 94" ribbed track surface to accommodate larger bikes. Simply pull the handles for the ramps down to secure the dolly in place and ride your motorcycle onto the dolly. Rest your kickstand on the 2 point adjustable kickstand plate and you're set. Flip the ramp handles back up and you can move up to a 1,250 lb motorcycle around your garage with ease thanks to the heavy-duty double caster wheels. On each end of the motorcycle garage dolly there are pins that prevent the motorcycle from rolling off the dolly once it's in place. Made from 12 gauge steel and featuring a durable black powder coated finish, the motorcycle dolly will provide years of easy storing. The Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly comes with a 1 year warranty.

Extra Long Motorcycle Dolly for Cruiser and Chopper motorcycles
Overall: 99"
Track: 94"
Overall: 33-1/2"
Track: 8"
Overall: 3-1/2"
Track: 2"
80 lbs.
1,250 lbs.

Product Features

  • Extra long for cruisers and choppers
  • Durable 12 gauge steel frame and components
  • Easy-to-use on/off ramp/gate with long handle
  • Powder-coated black with ribbed track surface
  • Double caster wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Sliding kickstand plate adjusts in 5 different positions (31" range), for left or right side
  • Makes storing a motorcycle easier than ever
  • Pins on both ends prevent the motorcycle from rolling off the dolly
  • 1 year warranty


Featured in HotBike Magazine
Featured in American Iron Magazine June 2012 Issue
Featured in American Iron Magazine October 2012 Issue
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Review Summary (Based on 43 Reviews)


5 Stars Black Widow Motorcycle Dolly

Robert Loos from NE wrote (October 11, 2017):

I received my BW dolly 3 days after ordering and it arrived with no damage to the packaging or the unit itself. It took about 1 hour to assemble. After assembly I did not ride my bike on to it I pushed it on to it. My bike is a Honda Shadow Sabre 1100 it weighs 600 lbs and fits with about 8 inches to spare. Once on the dolly it moves around easily and the dolly does everything I wanted it to do. I am very happy with it so far. it really makes it easier to share the garage with other cars.

5 Stars 2012 Honda Goldwing

Jacky from OH wrote (June 10, 2017):

Ordered on a Friday night and dolly was delivered the next Tuesday at noon hour! Box was intact and all parts were there and in secured plastic bags. Took about an hour to put it together following the pictures in the manual. Now....the real test.....drove my 940# Honda Goldwing on the dolly and had plenty of room front and rear between the pin stops. What really surprised me was how easy it was to maneuver to the back of the garage so I could put my car in. If you have a heavy road bike, or one with a long wheel base, then the Black Widow is the dolly for you! Excellent quality dolly at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this to anyone on the fence of what to do! Happy camper here!

4 Stars Update on using this dolly

Kevin Zentz from IN wrote (June 06, 2017):

Ok, have had this thing for 2 days, and already dumped the bike trying to get it on the dolly. No damage, it was a slow motion fall and I let it down easy but something to pay attention to. Have a second person there to help guide you into the dolly. My first mistake was trying to do this by myself. The second person can help to keep the dolly from sliding on the concrete, cause it will even with the stops down. The other thing, I did not realize, and maybe I just got luckty the first time I used it, but this dolly is BARELY wide enough for a 180 rear tire as someone else mentioned here. IF YOU DONT GET YOUR REAR TIRE ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT INTO THIS THING it will dump you over so fast you won't believe it. That is what happened to me. I had the front wheel up on it, and was trying to get the rear tire on it, and must have had it slightly off from center, cause when it came onto the dolly , it went over on the left side. Thank GOD for the engine guards, they did their job. No damage, but it took 3 of us to pick that sucker up cause the dolly was wedged under the bike. So, just fair warning to anyone using this, have someone else there keep the dolly from sliding, and helping you get it in the dolly straight. Why they didn't design this ramp so it was about 1 inch wider is beyond me, but it is what it is. Hope this will keep someone else from dumping their bike when loading it.

4 Stars Nice product works well with my HD FLHTK

zeke from IN wrote (June 02, 2017):

As others have said.. hardware is cheap and breaks EASILY, and the box arrived pretty banged up but no damage to anything inside. Shipping was SUPER fast, ordered on Monday night and got it Wednesday. Took me about 2 hours to assemble, broke one of the caster bolts. It would be nice if they would supply a couple extra of each bolt. When they get snug.. STOP tightening, they WILL break. Works great. Not sure why others have problems with casters turning 360 degrees. Mine works fine. When I installed the bolts I put them up from the bottom of the caster plate so nuts and washers were on top. All of them swivel just fine. All in all, nice product and does exactly what it is supposed to. Very happy with it. 4 stars because of the hardware.

4 Stars Crusier Dolly

Tom Bradshaw from MS wrote (March 17, 2017):

I received my dolly and was very pleased that it came so fast. Putting it together is easy, as I had put one similar together before and had to take it back to where I bought it because it was too short for my bike. The reason I only gave it 4 stars out of 5 is that I think it could use another set of wheels on the extended kick stand section. Being and engineer, I see that if i do not put my bike all the way forward and put the kick stand down the extended section tends to sag. Putting a wheel on the side of the extension would alleviate that problem.

4 Stars Black Widow Steel Cruiser & Chopper Motorcycle Dolly

Fernando from TX wrote (January 14, 2017):

Recieved the dolly within the week after ordering it. Packaging was kinda banged up. I started to assemble the dolly when one of the bolts broke off the wheel when assembling it. I decided to go to the bolt and screw store and purchase all the new bolts and nuts. After assembling it with the new bolts I rode my 2009 Road King on it and it fits perfect and I can move it around with no problems. I also have the Harbor Freight dolly and it struggles with the road king and it was not long enough. I did recommend it to all my friends to purchase this dolly but to to replace all the bolts and nuts with stronger ones.

5 Stars Awesome product

Wayne from IN wrote (January 02, 2017):

Ordered this to help move my bikes into the corner of my garage for storage. Was surprised how easy it was to just push my bagger around the garage. Sure beats the back and forth movement of trying to park the bike in the corner. I am definitely going to order another one for my other bike. Almost forgot to mention the shipping. I ordered it on a Thursday afternoon and it was delivered on Friday. I have never ordered anything online and received it that fast.

5 Stars Harley

Chasady from TN wrote (December 05, 2016):

We received it within a few days of purchasing. Our Harley fit perfectly. Thank you!

5 Stars Rocket III

Jeff from MO wrote (November 29, 2016):

Received dolly in less than 4 days, with the holiday impressive. Easy to assemble and sturdy. Great addition to garage and easy to use. Very good product.

5 Stars Tire size

Started riding in 1977 from OK wrote (November 18, 2016):

Loved everything about it, except could not get a 180 rear tire on the ramp without almost dropping the 2016 Harley Ultra Classic.

5 Stars Victory Cross Country

Bill from OH wrote (November 12, 2016):

Easy to use, not hard to load on the raps WITH power, plenty of room on the dolly. I recommend that you put it on a work bench to assemble. I used a 6 ft. folding table. It really saves your back and doing it on the floor would be a painful. Unlike other kits all the parts were in the box, we all have had those issues. I found it was easier to put the casters and ramps on each end and then put the 2 bases together (again the table made it so much easier). Instructions aren't the best and are lacking pictures and details of each assembly, but I figured it out. It took a little over an hour to assemble, I took my time because I hate to put things together then take them apart!! Make sure you put the ramp levers into there bracket before screwing everything together, (again lack of pictures/directions). Its no big deal, you will figure it out. Still don't know if I put the kickstand tray in the right direction. The tray is shallow on one side and deep on the other side. I put the deep side towards the front of the bike, again a picture or a stamped F or label on the tray would have solved the problem. I only had one issue with the mechanical part. The caster that goes on the kickstand, there were 2 screws that were just a little to long and the caster keep scraping on it as it turned. Added an extra washer and it solved the problem. When putting on the casters make sure you leave them loose until you get all the bolts and nuts assembled. This just makes it easier to get the nuts on the bolts. I put the levers on the right side of the bike so the would not hit the saddle bags when the kickstand is down and it is easier to raise and lower when it is on the dolly (again detail pictures would have helped). The only thing I would change in the design would be to put a slot on the end of the rails to make it easier to tighten the end bolts/ rounded head screws. The casters work ok, my garage floor is smooth cement so its no big deal. The next project is now to clean up the garage to make more space, but I am looking forward to more useable space. I think is worth the $ for a big bike and its heavy duty, not cheap plate. It's a whole lot better than the cheaper ones that Harbor sells. But that's just my opinion! I ordered it on a Tuesday night and had it on my door step that Friday. Waiting for my son to see it and get his approval. I need something to buy him for Christmas!!

4 Stars great dolly Biker neighbor jealous and ordering his own!

Bill Brown from NY wrote (October 23, 2016):

Easy order -- arrived in three days Assembly relatively easy directions a bit vague but assembly time took about an hour Loading my HD ultra limited easy I powered it onto the ramp with no dolly movement. The dolly has plenty of length FLHTC fits with more than 4 inches to spare on the ends. The kickstand part fits perfectly with plenty of room. Moving the dolly on rough cement was doable -- but required pulling on engine and bag guards I suggest upgrading to ball bearing dolly casters.

4 Stars Bike Dolly

Ed from NJ wrote (September 30, 2016):

Works good if any thing to change, have better wheels. If any one out there found better wheels please post it. Saves space in the garage just a little hard to move around. Great service and fast shipping. So far very happy with it, looking for better wheels.

5 Stars Love This Dolly

Dan from CA wrote (September 15, 2016):

I bought one of these for myself a few months ago and I love the fact that I can easily move my Honda VTX 1300R easily around the carport of our mobile home. We were planning a trip to visit my son in South Carolina and asked him if he would like one for his Harley. He said he would like it because his wife could move his bike around the garage if needed while he was deployed. We put it together in about 30 minutes and he got his bike on there and could not believe how easily it moved around in his garage. I'm happy with mine, and my son was glad I got one for him.

4 Stars Black Widow

John from FL wrote (September 14, 2016):

The instructions are vague but a little common sense gets the job done. As others have remarked, the nuts/bolts are poor quality. (don't over tighten). It took 2 tries to get my Street Glide on but not a big deal. The castors are cheapo and at some point I will upgrade.

5 Stars Does the job

Kenny from NY wrote (July 17, 2016):

My 2007 Harley Davidson Softail Standard fits on this dolly with no problem. My bike easily rolls up on to the dolly and pushes up snugly against the wall. Takes some effort to roll the bike around on my smooth cement floor but what do you expect, the bike weighs almost 800 lbs. Assembly took about an hour and I made sure not to go crazy tightening the bolts so I had no problem with any of them breaking. For the price, I am very happy with my purchase and can now get in and out of my garage with ease.

5 Stars Soved my probem.

Gordon from VA wrote (April 03, 2016):

Just bought a cruiser motorcycle and I was struggling how to place it in a corner of my garage. The dollie enabled me to move a 700 lb bike with ease. I added a KiWAV kickstand pad to the kickstand extension to save the paint on the extension. It took a little practice to be able to push the bike onto the stand but now I have the method and I'm very happy with the product.

5 Stars motorcycle dolly

Ray Pingree from NV wrote (February 22, 2016):

Product got here quickly and was easily assembled. I have a big Harley Ultra Classic. It fits on the dolly easily, but the weight makes it a little hard to move around, but it works!! Overall, I am quite happy with the product, as it is sturdy and should last a long time.

4 Stars Great space saver grest price does the job.

T from MA wrote (February 07, 2016):

I have 2006 Roadking Custom and a small garage so this dolly is a great space saver bike fits perfect on the dolly with room to spare. Its nice during the winter months I can slide the bike in and out of the way when I want to wrench on the bike and still park a car in the garage. Real easy on off the dolly and rolls fairly easy on a my smooth conrete floor. The only negative the kit was missing almost all of the washers and the parts bag was intact, hardware is typical chinese junk but works.

3 Stars Hard to move big Harley with this dolley

Michael from AL wrote (February 02, 2016):

Likes: Shipped fast, no parts lost, easy to assemble Dislikes: You need to place a 3/4 inch board in front of the entrance ramp to keep the dolley from sliding away from you when trying to get the bike up on the dolley. The wheels do no have bearing on the wheel axles and while you can move the loaded dolley, It takes a lot of effort to move my 2013 Ultra Limited Harley that weighs about 1000 pounds on a smooth concrete floor.

4 Stars cruiser dolly

Jerry from IL wrote (February 02, 2016):

Shipped fast! I had bought another version, from another company, but it was for a shorter wheelbase cycle. This one has plenty of room. I put both ramps down and the forward stop pin in place and have no trouble loading the bike. Heavier duty casters would be nice. The hardware package was not broken open but I was missing 20 of the flat washers. I wanted to get it together, so I didn't contact customer service, I just went and bought some, no waiting. It does what it's supposed to.

5 Stars Love the motorcycle mover!

Debbie from MN wrote (December 22, 2015):

I purchased this for a Christmas present for my boyfriend and had to give to him early. Too excited and he loves it!!! He is not as young as young as he used to be and the shoulders don't work so well trying to move it into a corner out of the way. So he got home and put together in the cold and couldn't be happier. I like the looks of it and how easy it moves around and locks down. I think every motorcycle owner needs to have one.

5 Stars Black Widow Crusier Dolly

Ron from AR wrote (December 06, 2015):

Excellent final product. Heavy duty parts, nice paint and ease of assembly. Took about an hour to assemble. Bike rolled onto the dolly with ease (perfect height). Rolled bike/dolly to wall and done. Room for both cars in the garage now! Would highly recommend this product to others. BTW, thanks to my wife for a great Christmas gift.

5 Stars cruiser dolly

larry from KY wrote (December 06, 2015):

Had limited space to park and turn around makes it eaiser to turnaround the bike and pull out of carport. Works like was stated

5 Stars Cruiser Dolly

Dick Eacret from IA wrote (September 17, 2015):

Bought this dolly because it was difficult to get my Heritage Softail into a tight spot between my vehicles. Now I can park my bike in less than half the time without worrying about damage. Shipping was within three days. assembly was easy, I did add a non- skid safe tread to the bottom of the ramps to prevent movement during loading. Good value at this price, product works as it should.

4 Stars Black Widow Steel Cruiser Dolly

Edward from OH wrote (September 07, 2015):

As others have indicated, it has a tendency to move if not blocked against the wall. It does make it much easier to move the motorcycle around in our garage. This is the main reason I purchased the dolly. Also, during the shipment, the nuts and bolts package was opened which caused the loss of some hardware. The customer care department readily came to my rescue and shipped the parts expeditiously. I would recommend this product to others!

4 Stars Works Great

Leon from NY wrote (August 04, 2015):

Like other people have said does what it suppose to. Could roll a little easier. Box was beat up and a few carton marks on the product but its going to get scratched up any way Product arrived when I was told it would all in all happy. I move my flhx on this dolly.

4 Stars Wish I had one sooner.

Larry from KS wrote (July 02, 2015):

Does just what I got it for. But could roll a little easier. I am now able to park my Goldwing against the wall without moving my wife's car first.

5 Stars Ride on, Ride off.

Mike from SC wrote (June 12, 2015):

I Love It. No more sore knees trying to back my bike out of my shed, now I can ride up the ramp to my shed and onto the dolly. Turn it around and ride out of my shed and down the ramp. After loading on the dolly and going to lower it to move, do the back lever first this will prevent the front lever from resetting itself.

4 Stars Works great.

Matt from IL wrote (June 05, 2015):

This is a great idea for people with little storage space. I have a Kawasaki Vaquero. Before it was very time consuming moving my bike back and forth trying to get it right up against the garage wall, I now just load my bike on the dolly and push it. Castor wheels swivel and move easily even with bike loaded. The ramp itself is good quality. Only downside is that hardware is cheap. While assembling it seemed I felt I could get a few more of the bolts tighter. But ended up snapping a few of them in half. Easy fix by going to the hardware store, though.

4 Stars Cruiser Dolly

Jeff from MO wrote (April 15, 2015):

Love the idea. Works great for a 07 Dyna Wide Glide. Bolts for the wheels could stand to be better but just don't get crazy and they will work fine. The only problem I see is after the bike is loaded and locked in the down position on the ground and you go to raise it to move the bike when you step on one end lever the other end will move and go into the opposite position.. Making it impossible for 1 person to place it on the wheels to roll around. Example bike in loading position you raise front lever wheels on ground now in front of bike go to back to raise wheels and whole dolly moves causing front wheels to come off ground and back wheels are up now. Other than that its great. Anyone else having this problem or am I just to stupid to find a work around?

4 Stars 100% what I expected, although I was disappointed in the packaging.

Larry from MI wrote (April 08, 2015):

I read the reviews and they are spot on, hardware could be a little better, ( I broke a bolt putting wheels on, there was 1 extra in package) assembly instructions are none existent, but unit goes together well, no real instructions are needed. When I got the box off my porch, (UPS dropped it off while I was at work) it was nearly tore in half where the 2 pieces of plastic strapping went around the box, I'm not sure how they delivered it that way, box collapsed when I tried to move it. Once I cut the strapping the box lid became 3 separate pieces and the back became 2 pieces. I was really surprised to find all the parts still in the box as not all parts are in bags or secured to each other (hardware was bagged and end ramps had plastic bags over them, stop rods and square tubes that makes up splice was wrapped in bubble wrap, only thing that was). Some scuffing of finish and stickers were scratched, I expect it to look much worse after a few years of use, but would have been nice to have it unscaved when it was new. Although the packaging was really poor, overall the product looks like it will do what it is designed and advertised to do.

4 Stars Black Widow Steel Cruiser & Chopper Motorcycle Dolly - 1,250 lb Capacity

Gary from UT wrote (March 27, 2015):

Dolly works pretty good. Although not as easy to move around as the video. Instructions for assembly were not great but if you have a little common sense it can be figured out. Dolly slides on my floor when I try to put the bike on, I have a 2008 Road King Classic. I have to butt the dolly up against a wall before it can be rolled onto the dolly. Other than that it does make it easier to park the bike and it take me less time than it did before I bought it. I can also get it into much tighter spots. All in all a good product.

4 Stars Great product for the price

Troy from MN wrote (March 22, 2015):

Solved my problem of having to maneuver the bike out of a tight spot in the garage. Only issue I seen is the bolts snap easily. But a trip to the Hardware store solved it. Would highly recommend just don't over tighten bolts or go get stronger ones.

5 Stars Cruiser Dolly

Joe from OH wrote (March 19, 2015):

Extremely fast shipping from Discount Ramps. It arrived within 3 days and in good condition. Box was well protected internally. Dolly fits my Vstar 1300 perfectly. Dolly slides a little on garage floor. Maybe design could be enhanced with locking wheels so dolly wont slide. Other than that - perfect addition to my garage. Makes turning my bike around a breeze.

5 Stars 1CFBD93C-9891-4868-B87D-A96A526585AD

Wayne from LA wrote (March 16, 2015):

Very handy in a small place. Highly recommend!,

4 Stars Nice product

Bob from NY wrote (March 09, 2015):

Received order when expected & packaging was secure & undamaged. Went together with little trouble, & although the fasteners could be a little more heavy duty, the unit is rigid. I will add rubber padding to the underside of the end jacks to keep it from sliding on my smooth garage floor, but otherwise, I like it & the way it works. Now I can drive in AND out of my garage!

5 Stars Cruiser motorcycle dolly solved our space problem.

Jim from CT wrote (February 02, 2015):

I can now park the Valkyrie across the back of our 1 car garage. Still plenty of room behind car, and now my wife can get out the passenger side in the garage(instead of getting out before backing in the garage). Dolly is hard to roll with bike on it, but still better than leaving the bike beside the car.

4 Stars Great product for the price

Sean from IL wrote (November 24, 2014):

This ramp works as described. Feels sturdy and the only weak link I feel is the kickstand attachment. It is only attached by two bolts and the plate is only tack welded. Probably enough to serve it's purpose but I'm a welder by trade and I tend to over engineer my own projects. I plan to reinforce the welds in the future but for the money it works. I picked up some carpet at the local hardware store and lined the track with it. The ramp slides on my smooth garage floor so I placed some of the scrap carpet under the ramps and it solved the problem. Ramps glides over the creases in my concrete with ease. Overall very happy with the ramp for the price.

5 Stars Crusier Motorcycle dolly

Ralph Brewer from SC wrote (November 17, 2014):

Received my dolly in a very timely manner. Ally parts were there, every nut, bolt and washer, and was easy to assemble. Was sold as used, but looks brand new. Now I can turn my Harley Road King around in my one car garage and makes for better storage. Great product!

3 Stars Nice Product, But.

Robert from MT wrote (September 01, 2014):

Dolly arrived in box totally trashed during shipping. Wheels fell out of box putting unit in trunk. Went together pretty well. Used electric 1/4 inch ratchet and a couple wrenches. Plan on changing out some of the bolts for stronger ones. Had trouble loading bike as garage floor is smooth. Had to push dolly against work bench leg to get bike loaded. Bike is VTX 1300 and while I can move dolly by myself wheels don't track well. It will work for what I need, but will changing out wheels and adding rubber to front of dolly

3 Stars Will have to Wait

Robert from MT wrote (June 28, 2014):

Picked up my dolly and the box was trashed. Took two of us to put it in the car because the box was broken. Upon removing the box I found the bag containing the wheels had fallen out in the car, lucky me, and not somewhere else. Hope other parts are inside, we are moving so have to wait to assemble. Will upgrade if all is well

4 Stars Answer to all my problems!

Rick from MN wrote (April 19, 2014):

I have just enough room in the garage to keep the Heritage Classic next to the car. I saw this on line and thought if I could get the Bike closer to the wall it would make things much better. Another problem was when getting the Harley out I had to maneuver back and forth over and over again to get it turned around. Those days are over! Once I got the thing put together after a trip to Home Depot for decent bolts, all I do now is pull the bike up on the dolly, park it and when I'm ready to ride I just spin it around and drive off the dolly and out the garage door. This has solved all my parking and maneuvering problems!! The only thing that kept me from giving it a 5 star rating is the sub-standard bolts that came with it. As soon as I started putting it together bolts started snapping into. Just made a trip to the Home Depot and replaced them.

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