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Safety Bollards and Barriers

Prevent damage to your facility and keep pedestrians and employees safe with our selection of durable steel bollards, barriers and guard rails. Manufactured from bright, high-visibility powder-coated steel, these safety products prevent damage by absorbing the impact from cars, semis, forklifts, and other machinery. Fill hollow bollards with concrete for additional stability and resistance, and improve the look of old rusted bollards with customizable safety covers.

Safety Products for Every Facility

Discount Ramps offers a wide selection of safety bollards, covers, guards, and guard rail systems for your warehouse, construction site, or parking lot. Create permanent sturdy barriers with our underground mount bollards to protect your building, make designated lanes, and increase the overall safety of your facility or parking areas. Our bollards come with easily-removed caps so that you can add chains to connect multiple bollards together. The bollard safety covers are an affordable way to upgrade the look of rusted bollards with peeling paint, and they come in several hi-vis colors. Our guard rails protect personnel and equipment indoors or outside.

Permanent or Temporary Guard Rails

With our Guardian rail and barrier system, you can protect worker walkways, machinery and walls from forklifts, vehicles or similar equipment. The two or three-rung rails can be installed permenantly or set into cradles so they can be removed if needed.