Hose Ramps / Protectors

Protect hoses and prevent bulges and line backups in high traffic areas with our selection of hose ramps and hose protectors. Featuring the latest in design methods and construction technology, each of our hose bridges is guaranteed to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from accidentally interfering with your hose lines or large cables. The heavy-duty materials and bright yellow color make these the most durable and visible fire hose ramps on the market.

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Our selection of hose ramps and hose protectors includes the best products at the lowest prices on the market. Each hose bridge features tough construction that can withstand the pressure from industrial vehicles while protecting up to four hoses or large cables without disrupting the supply line, and bright yellow components increase visibility for pedestrians.

To protect your hose from large, heavyweight vehicles, the 2-Channel Hose Bridge features a 20,000 lb per axle capacity. This hose bridge is specifically made for hoses up to 3-1/2" in diameter, and includes connectors to join multiple bridges together to span a greater length of hose. It features two carrying handles, three reflective yellow safety grips, and heavy-duty thermoplastic rubber construction.

For protecting up to three hoses up to 6-1/2" in diameter, the Custom Diamondback Modular Hose Protector Sets are among the toughest hose protectors on the market! Available in a variety of lengths, weight capacities, and hose diameter compatibilities, these hose protector sets feature a durable polyurethane construction that ensures years of reliable hose protection.

If you have any questions regarding hose protectors, or would like to place an order, please contact us.