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Traffic Control & Parking Equipment

Keep warehouses, factories, parking lots and garages safe with our wide variety of traffic control and parking equipment. We carry speed bumps, bollards, parking stops, wall guards and more to protect workers, pedestrians, and valuable equipment from injury and damage.

Industrial Products for Traffic Control

We offer a variety of safety products designed to reduce vehicle or equipment-related injuries to personnel or pedestrian, as well as damage to buildings, other equipment or other vehicles:

  • Parking stops and blocks to organize parking while avoiding damage to buildings
  • Speed bumps and humps to reduce speed around work areas
  • Wheel chocks and stops to keep vehicles and equipment in place
  • Wall and corner guards to absorb shock impact
  • Safety bollards and barriers to keep workers, walls and equipment protected
  • Non-slip stair tread to prevent worker or pedestrian accidents in slippery or icy conditions

High Visibility for Incident Reduction

Our industrial parking and traffic safety products come with high visibility paint, markings, or stripes to alert drivers and pedestrians in the area to be cautious. While most are available in hi-vis yellow, or black and yellow stripes, we also offer some products in blaze orange, as well as parking stops with blue and white stripes.