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Wheel Chocks - Stops

Keep vehicle tires secure with our large selection of automotive and industrial wheel chocks. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, we have wheel chocks for aircrafts, cars, trucks, industrial equipment and more.

How to Choose the Right Wheel Chocks

Selecting the appropriate chock for your vehicle and situation is critical to preventing damages to assets and workers. Used in all industries, they are a crucial preventative measure supported by OSHA and MSHA. Here are some of the factors that go into choosing the best chock for your needs; for more detail information please read How to Select the Right Wheel Chocks.

  • Tire Diameter: Chocks should be one-fourth the diameter of your tire.
  • Gross Vehicle Operating Weight: The heavier the vehicle, the more heavy duty the chocks.
  • Parking Surface: Rubber does better on concrete, aluminum with traction teeth works well on gravel.
  • Material: Choose from rubber, laminated rubber, aluminum or plastic.
  • Number of Chocks: This will vary depending on the slope and gross vehicle operating weight.
  • Brand: Pick a reputable brand! Examples include Checkers or our in-house brand.

Factors That Determine Use

Listed below are two main factors that go into identifying the proper way to use wheel chocks. For a comprehensive guide on how many wheel chocks to use and in what situation, please read our guide How to Use Wheel Chocks.

  • Parked Position: Facing downwards, or facing upwards
  • Payload: Over 240 tons, under 240 tons, and whether or not the vehicle is articulated