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The Advantage of a Motorcycle Dolly

Maneuver your motorcycle around your garage or shop for storage and maintenance using a motorcycle dolly. With your biked mounted, you won't need to start her up and go through the motions of getting her into position. These dollies allow you to finesse your motorbike around tight curves and can move in all directions thanks to durable casters. We have a full tray style, a side dolly, as well as a center stand model, and all models can lock in place when movement is not desired.

Motorcycle dollies are great for garage and shop use because you won't have to start your motorcycle up to move it where you need it. The dollies come with pins or locking casters so that once the bike is in position it won't slide or shift. They're a good investment for riders who live in colder climates and need to store their bikes over winter, as well as hands-on riders who service their bike themselves.