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Edge of Dock Levelers

Bridge the gap between a loading dock and a truck with a steel edge of dock leveler. These permanently-mounted levelers are engineered for weight capacities up to 25,000 lbs. and are available in manual or electric operation styles.


Types of Dock Leveler Operation

All methods are designed to reduce back strain, with multiple styles that offer different price points to suit your budget :

  • Manual bar lift
  • Manual hook lift
  • Electric hydraulic button

What Dock Solution Do You Need?

Choose the option that works best for your budget, max load capacities, traffic, and dock layout:

  • Dock Plates: No installation needed, simply place into position. Weight capacities up to 6,400 lbs. Use with pallet jacks or hand trucks.
  • Dock Boards: No installation needed, use a forklift to move. Weight capacities up to 15,000 lbs. Use with forklifts.
  • Edge of Dock Levelers: Surface level installation. Weight capacities up to 25,000 lbs. Use with forklifts.
  • Pit or Dock Leveler: Deeply inset installation. Weight capacities up to 50,000 lbs. Use with forklifts.

For more information, read Smoother Transitions and Loading Efficiency: The Complete Guide to Edge of Dock Levelers.