Parking Stops & Blocks

Parking stops can be used to position & guide vehicles as they park, preventing damage to the vehicle and its surroundings. Our wide selection of stops and blocks can be used in parking lots, garages, driveways, and more for assistance in parking cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles.

Avoid property damage and protect pedestrians by adding parking stops to parking lots and garages. Available in different materials, sizes, and colors, you can easily find the perfect product to meet your needs. Each stop comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages, depending on your facility's requirements.

To assist you in choosing the correct parking block, the Discount Ramps product experts have put together a helpful guide detailing the three main types of parking blocks:

Concrete Parking Stops

Traditionally, parking stops have been made from concrete. While their heavy weight can be an advantage, it also makes these stops expensive to ship and difficult to install. Concrete stops can cause heavy damage to vehicles when they're hit, and the installation hardware can crack pavement if it is dislodged.

Concrete parking stops will need to be painted to keep them from blending in with their surroundings, and will require multiple touch ups over the years due to fading and chipping paint. Although concrete does have a long lifespan, about 50 years depending on weather conditions and how well it's maintained, when it does begin to crack and crumble, the concrete pieces can become safety hazards. Concrete parking stops are best used on completely flat, even surfaces as they can't flex to accommodate gravel or uneven asphalt. Because of this, the product is difficult to properly anchor, weakening its stability and effectiveness.

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Lasts for years no matter the climate
  • Difficult to ship and install
  • Unable to absorb shock

Use on

  • Perfectly flat, concrete surfaces

Recycled Plastic Stops

plastic parking stops

Recycled plastic parking stops are easy to install and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. These plastic stops are available as sturdy, solid blocks, and if you're looking for a more lightweight and cost-effective option, they are also available with cutouts molded into the bottom of the stop. Plastic parking stops will maintain their color, and won't crack and chip like concrete. Plastic stops are also resistant to the negative effects of gas, oil, salt, sunlight, and other harmful chemicals.

With a little more give than concrete, plastic blocks won't cause damage to the front bumper of a vehicle, and can even be driven over without breaking. Even though plastic is more flexible than concrete, plastic curbs are still not ideal for gravel surfaces or uneven asphalt.

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Lightweight, extremely durable
  • Won't cause damage to a vehicle on impact
  • Not ideal for gravel or uneven asphalt surfaces
  • Most expensive parking stop type

Use on

  • Smooth concrete or asphalt surfaces

Recycled Rubber Stops

rubber parking stop

More expensive than concrete, but cheaper than plastic, rubber stops are flexible enough to accommodate uneven surfaces without compromising structural integrity, and are easy to install. Extremely durable, rubber stops won't crack, chip or fade, promising years of dependable use.

Available in a variety of sizes, rubber stops come in a wide range of color combinations, including blue and white to designate handicapped parking spots, and include reflective tape for increased visibility in dark or snowy conditions. Rubber stops are less likely to cause damage to the underside of trucks and cars, even if they are run over by the vehicle.

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Extremely durable
  • Resistant to extreme temperature changes, UV light, oil, gas, and moisture
  • Won't damage a vehicle on impact, and can even be driven over
  • More expensive than concrete stops

Use on

  • Any paved or gravel surface

Available Colors

Solid Yellow

Perfect for standing out in dark or snow-covered parking lots.

Solid Gray

More subtle than yellow, solid gray looks like concrete.

Solid White

White parking stops match parking lot lines, but are best for areas that do not get a lot of snow.

Accessibility Blue

Blue parking stops are specifically intended to denote handicapped parking spaces

Black with Reflective White or Yellow Stripes

black and yellow parking stop

Parking stops with reflective white or black striping are easier to see at night or in low-visibility weather.

Accessibility Blue with Reflective White Stripes

blue and yellow parking stop

Like solid accessibility blue parking stops, blue stops with reflective white stripes are specifically intended to denote parking spaces reserved for the handicapped. Their reflective stripes make them easier to see at night or in low-visibility weather.

Available Sizes

2' Stops

These smaller stops are best used to provide guidance for buses and trucks while parking.

3' and 4' Stops

3' and 4' stops are perfect for guiding cars at home, in driveways and garages, or in small parking lots.

6' Stops

6' stops are recommended for commercial parking lots.

8' Stops

These large parking stops are wide enough to match commercial truck axles.

Need Longer Lengths?

Place parking stops end to end to create custom lengths, or for use as bike and pedestrian lane protectors in high-traffic areas.

Installation Hardware

While most parking stops will come with installation hardware, it's important to know which kind of hardware is appropriate to use on your surface.

  • For installation on asphalt: use galvanized steel spikes or lag bolts
  • For installation on concrete: lag bolts or large diameter Tapcon concrete anchors should be used where drilling is allowed

Safer Parking Lots

Using parking stops in parking lots, garages, and even at home can greatly reduce the risk of vehicle and property damage. By designating parking spots and serving as a guide for cars, these stops are an essential product to increase parking lot safety. When the correct material, color, size, and hardware are chosen, these stops will be a huge asset to anyone looking to make their parking lot safer.