How to Choose a Wheelchair Ramp

Modular Handicap Access Ramps

Comply with ADA guidelines with modular handicap access ramps. Made from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum, modular ramps are ideal for residential and commercial applications. Designed to stand freely and easy to reconfigure, these ramps can be used as temporary or permanent fixtures.

Building a permanent wooden or concrete wheelchair access ramp for a home or business can be costly and time-consuming, and you may not end up with a structure that complies with the current ADA guidelines for handicap ramp access. For the most efficient, affordable, and long-lasting solution to bring a home or business up to code, proudly offers a wide selection of ADA-compliant modular wheelchair ramps. Take a look at this handy comparison to see the many ways in which our aluminum wheelchair ramps are superior to treated wooden ramps.

Constructed out of lightweight, rust- and corrosion-proof aluminum, our handicap access ramps for wheelchairs can be assembled in no time using basic hand tools - and there's no waiting for concrete to dry! Our modular wheelchair ramp systems consist of ramps, stairs, and platform sections (sold separately) featuring built-in skid-resistant surfaces for superior traction that will not wear out over time. Add handrails to any ramp, stair, or platform sections for additional safety and stability. Thanks to their free-standing, modular design, these handicapped ramp systems make great permanent or temporary structures that can be moved or reconfigured easily to meet any changing needs.

To help you determine the best handicap ramp solution to fit your specific needs, the Wheelchair and Mobility Product Experts have put together the following set of useful resources:

Start by reading our handy guide on determining the proper wheelchair ramp slope and length for your situation. It also explains what the ADA ramp guidelines mean.

Guide to ADA Building Codes for Wheelchair Ramps - Information on the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) federal building codes for constructing temporary and/or permanent wheelchair ramps for homes and businesses. Be sure to check your local building codes for variations.

Site Evaluation Worksheet - Use this worksheet to calculate approximate costs before ordering.

We invite you to browse our entire assortment of high-quality wheelchair ramps for homes and businesses, and if you have any questions or if there are any other handicapped ramps that you are looking for but don't see on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.