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Modular Ramps Create Custom Access for Your Home

 Posted on: Feburary 15th, 2022

Modular Ramps Create Custom Access for Your Home
Using our EZ-ACCESS® PATHWAY 3G Modular Ramp System to enter the home

If you or your loved ones find yourselves in need of a ramp solution to access your home, modular ramps are the best choice for steps that are over 12” high. For shorter risers (the total vertical height), portable wheelchair ramps can be a cheaper, more convenient solution.

When it comes to homes with high entryways, individuals in wheelchairs or those with limited mobility need a better solution that is safe, stabile and conforms to ADA guidelines to ensure that the slope is not too steep and that there is appropriate room to rest and maneuver at the doorways.

Because the high cost of mobility ramps can be daunting, it’s common for people to turn to DIY wooden or metal ramps; however, these can be dangerous, slippery, or require a lot of maintenance.

Modular ramps are the way to go. Engineered by professionals to adhere to strict safety and ADA standards, modular ramps are the next step up from portable wheelchair ramps and can make entryways as high as 3 feet easily accessible to anyone in a wheelchair or scooter, or someone with limited mobility with or without a walker or rollator.

Here are some of convenient features that you will find in any modular ramp system:

Custom layout

You get to piece together the exact ramp length and platforms you need, with nothing you don’t. Because the ramp is modular, it will conform to your space instead of you having to alter your space to accommodate your ramp.

Simple installation

Most modular ramp lines are designed to be installed as easily as possible, with few tools and hardware. This adds to the appeal of modular systems over bulkier alternatives as well as DIY wooden ramps.

Repair options

Unlike a complex system or solid wood ramp, the piece-by-piece design of modular systems make them much easier to swap out and replace in the event of damage.

Take it with you

If you move, or decide that a different layout would be better, removing the ramp should be as simple as the installation. Reconfiguring it will be just as easy as the initial setup, and if you need additional pieces it will be easy to order exactly what you require.

ADA compliance and step-by-step buying guidance

Depending on where you purchase your modular ramp, you should expect a simple overview of how to make sure your ramp is ADA compliant (and therefore as safe as possible). If you have questions or would like assistance, experienced team members will guide you through the selection process and help you choose the best modular ramp set up for your unique situation and location.

 For assistance in purchasing Discount Ramps modular ramp systems, please call (888) 651-3431.

PATHWAY Modular Ramp

How to order a modular ramp system

If you plan on purchasing a modular ramp system without engaging the assistance of a team member, here are the factors to take into account before you start to shop.

How high is the total height you are trying to overcome?

Calculate the ramp length you need to safely overcome that rise; taking into account the ADA 1:12 guideline. If you need help, use our Wheelchair Ramp Calculator to assist you.

For longer ramp lengths and special configurations, use our Modular Ramps Calculator to view all of the options that will work with your specific rise.

Wheelchair Ramp Loading Height (Rise) and Ramp Length
ADA 1:12 Ratio Guide
(L to R)(Top to Bottom) Knowing your Loading Height(Rise) is important when calculating your ramp length and ADA 1:12 Ratio

If you measure straight out from the top of the highest step as far back as you can, do you have enough room to accommodate a ramp of that size?

Knowing how much space you have to work with will help you determine if a straight ramp, L-shape or U-shape makes more sense for your location.

Straight Ramp
L Shape Ramp
U Shape Ramp
Vector renderings of (L to R)(Top to Bottom) Straight Ramp, L-Shape Ramp, and U-Shape Ramp

Is there enough room on the top step for you to rest while you open or close the door?

If the step is not deep enough to comfortably stand on a flat surface while handling the door, ADA guidelines recommend using a platform. This is particularly important with individuals in wheelchairs, as they could roll backwards if they don’t have a flat surface on which to rest at the top.

If your ramp is longer than 30 feet, you will most likely need a platform to break up the length and offer users a place to rest. Although private residences aren't required by law to be ADA-compliant, we strongly recommend it for the best and safest ramp experience possible. Read more about ADA Specifications for Wheelchair Ramps to gain a better understanding of the current guidelines.

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