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Wheelchair Ramp Calculator

 Updated on: September 22nd, 2022

For those with mobility restrictions who are confined to a wheelchair or mobility scooter, the right ramp makes all the difference — a ramp too steep can cause further mobility woes and space constraints might prohibit a ramp that’s too long. Discount Ramps helps you take the guesswork out of picking the right wheelchair ramp by providing a wheelchair ramp calculator.

How to Use the Wheelchair Ramp Calculator

DiscountRamps' Wheelchair Ramp Calculator does more than just provide you with the right ramp length for mobility: it will give you ideal ramp measurements for residential and commercial access!
All you’ll need to know is the height of the loading surface.

wheelchair ramp calculator infographic
The red arrow above represents the Loading Height or Rise

For the height of the loading surface, measure from the top edge to the ground (in inches)

Once you put this measurement into Discount Ramps' wheelchair ramp calculator, you’ll be provided with three unique values that you can use to pick the perfect ramp for your needs.

Fill in the form below to see the minimum ramp length you need.

Please enter Loading Height.
Commercial Access:
Minimum ramp length = ft.
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Residential Access:
Minimum ramp length = ft.
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Just choose the right type of ramp for your specific needs and you’ll be well on your way to creating accessibility no matter where you are, be it your front porch or your office at work!

Now that you know your minimum ramp length, time to find your Wheelchair Ramp!