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Tow Straps

Recover stranded vehicles with our selection of high-quality tow straps and vehicle recovery equipment! Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, our straps and recovery gear are ideal for on and off-road applications.

Before You Tow

To stay as safe as possible while towing another vehicle, please read up on your state laws and use the following safety suggestions if applicable:

  • Decide if you will use a tow rope or tow bar (mandatory for freeway use).
  • Do not exceed the limit on tow rope length, and attach a hi-vis flag to the center.
  • Have a licensed driver in the driver's seat of both vehicles.
  • Ensure the towed vehicles brake and/or headlights are in working order, or use a lighting bar.
  • Only use tow ropes or bars that are rated to support the tow weight of the vehicle that will be towed.
  • In addition to the tow rope, attach a pair of safety chains between the vehicles.

Stay Prepared

You never know when you will be left stranded in your car, truck, or semi! Make sure you keep these essentials on hand, especially in poor weather conditions:

  • Jumper cables to kickstart your battery.
  • Tow strap to allow another vehicle to tow you safely.
  • Recovery track to help get out of snow, dirt, sand or slush.
  • Small foldable shovel to help with deep mud or snow.