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A, E & L Cargo Track Tie Downs

Our trailer tie-down systems are the easiest way to prevent cargo from shaking, vibrating or sliding around during transport. We have complete tie-down kits along with separate rails, plates, and straps for use with enclosed haulers, cargo vans and trucks. Find an E-Track, A-Track or L-Track system at a great price today!

How to Tie-Down a Motorcycle using E-Tracks

Using ratchet straps with E-hooks and S-hooks, soft looks, and an E-track, you can create a smooth, efficient tie-down process when loading your bike for transit:

  1. Before loading up, anchor two E-tracks to the right side of the trailer, and two on the left.
  2. Slip two E-hook ends of your four ratchet straps into one side of the track and move them out of the way.
  3. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Load your bike using a secured ramp, and sit the front wheel in a wheel chock.
  5. Attach two soft loops to each handlebar, and two on the rear frame.
  6. Connect the S-hooks of your ratchet straps to the soft loops and tighten.
  7. Try not to over-compress the suspension while ensuring the bike is firmly tied down.