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Hitch Adapters

Designed to work with existing receiver hitches and utility hitch mounted products, our wide variety of hitch adapters are designed to help meet a variety of towing needs. With multiple classes, sizes, and types available, you'll be able to find the perfect adapter for the hitch on your van, truck, or trailer!

Why Do I Need a Hitch Adapter?

By adding a hitch adapter to your existing hitch, you are able to acheive one of three important tasks:

  • Turn a smaller hitch into a larger-size hitch
  • Extend your hitch out past your bumper
  • Raise or lower the hitch height to accommodate what you're towing

Be Knowledgable About Your Vehicle's Towing Capacity

Before towing, always be aware of your vehicle's weight limitations. Your vehicle's towing capacity can usually be found in the owner's manual, on the manufacturer's website, or on the driver-side door sticker. Make sure that your trailer weight never exceeds the towing capacity, and that your gross combined vehicle weight never exceeds the gross combined vehicle weight rating set by the manufacturer. For more information about safe towing, please read Towing: What You Need to Know.