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Canoe & Kayak Racks

Safely transport your canoe or kayak with a durable roof top carrier from Discount Ramps! Our canoe and kayak carriers are designed to transport your boat on the roof of your vehicle by utilizing the existing roof bars. Affordable and easy-to-use, these carriers will make it easy for you to load and unload your kayak or canoe quickly, and get in the water faster! Don't forget tie down straps for your canoe or kayak. We know you head to the water to relax, and thanks to the simplicity of our kayak carriers, your watercraft transportation will be hassle-free.

Read about the proper way to secure your kayak in our step-by-step article How to Tie Down a Kayak to a Vehicle.

Types of Canoe and Kayak Carriers

We offer several different types of carriers, including:

  • V-racks that go on the roof and allow them to be transported horizontally
  • J-racks that go on the roof that allow them to be transported at an angle
  • Truck bed extenders that support the end of the canoe or kayak that sticks out of the bed


Don't struggle with your paddling equipment!

  • Dollies will help you get your canoe or kayak to the water as well as your car.
  • Tire steps will make it easier to raise your canoe or kayak up onto the roof of taller vehicles.
  • Foam carrier blocks and strong tie-down straps can be used as a temporary measure until you get a roof rack