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Elevate Outdoor Canoe Carrier Foam Blocks Kit

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Key Features:

  • Four side wall mounted foam blocks
  • Four steel S-hooks
  • Three 1" Cam buckle straps

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The Elevate Oudtoor Canoe Blocks are a safe and economical way to transport canoes on the rooftop of a vehicle. No roof rails or cross bars are necessary for hauling classic cedar or modern polyethylene canoes.

The canoe blocks have upper slits and channels that are secured to the upper side wall, or gunwale of the canoe. Each foam block should be spaced evenly on each side from the center yoke. When the straps are applied, the foam blocks will compress without harming the roof of the vehicle. One 1" x 14'-5/8" strap secures the center of the canoe once it is properly mounted to roof. The strap is connected through the center of the vehicle and attached by a cam buckle. Two Cam buckle straps or two 13' ropes are used to tie down both ends of the canoe to the front and rear of the vehicle. Four steel hooks are tied to each end of the nylon ropes that are then secured to the metal chassis. Do not attach the metal S-hooks to plastic or rubber. A rear tow hook may be available on select vehicles that can be used as a secure tie down point. A mesh bag is included to store the straps and hooks when the foam block canoe carrier is not in use.

  • Four side wall mounted foam blocks
  • Four steel S-hooks
  • Three 1" Cam buckle straps
  • Two 13' Tie down ropes
  • Nylon mesh bag with adjustable locking drawstring strap