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Snowmobile Lifts & Stands

Give your sled a boost when you're at the shop or garage with one of our snowmobile lifts. Raising a snowmobile off the ground makes maintenance easier, and is a more effective form of storage. These lifts and stands make working on your snowmobile fun, easy, and hassle-free.

Regular snowmobile maintenance and service is essential to having a long-lasting sled and reducing costly repairs. But in order to work on many parts of a snowmobile, you need to have it suspended in the air. A snowmobile jack stand or hoist offers easy access when working on the track tension, suspension, fuel system, skis or slide rails.

Black Ice snowmobile equipment is recognized for superior performance and reliability, and you can get their products at the lowest prices from Discount Ramps. A basic snowmobile stand will elevate the track and shocks a few inches off the ground for warm-ups and storage without the use of hinges. If you use a snowmobile lift with a crank, you can raise even heavy sleds to a good working level. Add a set of caster lift wheels and you can roll your snowmobile around the garage while it's still dangling.

All snowmobile lifts and stands in our inventory are made from durable powder-coating steel so they'll last through years of use. Rubber lift pads are installed at each contact point to keep the stand from scratching and dinging your snowmobile.