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Mobility Aids

Increase your independence and get around easily with high-quality, mobility aids! From manual wheelchairs and rollators to walkers, canes and accessories, find what you need to help you overcome daily obstacles. No matter what your mobility needs, find affordable solutions from Discount Ramps.
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Manual Wheelchair VS Rollators

Both designed to help individuals regain their independence despite physical limitations, these mobility devices are among the most popular manual options on the market.


  • Best suited for long-term or permanent mobility needs
  • Support full body weight
  • Usually collapsible
  • Ideally suited for most environments


  • Best suited for those with balance or support issues
  • Support partial body weight
  • Usually collapsible
  • Come in three or four-wheel models
  • Four-wheel models usually include a seat or knee-rest

Aging in Place: Home Modifications

For those with declining mobility, aging gracefully in your own home requires making smart changes:

  • Install grab bars in your bathroom
  • Keep walkways clear to avoid tripping, especially if you use a walker or rollator
  • If you are planning for wheelchair use, implement ramps inside and outdoors to help you with small steps
  • Replace doorknobs with lever handles
  • Put in non-slip stair treads
  • Add a shower seat in your bathroom
  • Make it easier to get through doorways with threshold ramps

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