Mobility Aids

Increase your independence and get around easily with high-quality, mobility aids! From manual wheelchairs and rollators to walkers, canes and accessories, find what you need to help you overcome daily obstacles. No matter what your mobility needs, find affordable solutions from Discount Ramps.

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Discount Ramps offers customers a wide range of mobility aids to best assist them in getting around independently and efficiently. Our mobility solutions marry the most important aspects of maneuverability, functionality, comfort, and affordability, to raise the quality of life for those utilizing them. Choose from an extensive inventory of options including manual wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, and canes.

Manual Wheelchairs

Best suited for those with long-term or permanent mobility needs, manual wheelchairs are an optimal mobility aid. They're ideally suited for nearly any environment and fully support the bodyweight of users for comfort while in use or stationary. Wheelchairs also present the unique opportunity for manual assistance via handles. Steel and aluminum frames, outfitted with comfortable padding, encourage natural posture.

Though they're the largest mobility aids available outside of power scooters, modern wheelchairs are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. Most wheelchairs are also designed to be collapsible and can easily be transported. Use them in conjunction with scooter and wheelchair ramps for an everyday solution to mobility at home.


Those suffering from balance or support issues will find rollators beneficial to their daily lives. Rollators expand on the design of walkers by offering a more supportive wheelbase for additional stability, traction, and maneuverability. Choose from 3- and 4-wheel models based on the level of support needed. 4-wheel models come outfitted with a flat, padded surface for resting a knee to reduce bodyweight stress on the legs. 3-wheel models generally feature a simple storage compartment and higher handlebars.

Handbrakes enable better control for rollator operators, while larger-diameter swivel wheels make traversing easy on common surfaces, both indoors and out. Rollators enable a person with a relatively mobile lifestyle to maintain independent, upright mobility.


People seeking simple upright support will find it from walkers. Walkers come in a range of options-including non-wheeled, 2-wheeled, and 4-wheeled kneeling models-lending themselves to a range of mobility situations. Non-wheeled walkers excel in offering stationary stability and balance for those strong enough to lift and move them while in motion. 2-wheeled walkers greatly benefit the elderly and those recovering from surgery, offering slow, controlled upright mobility over flat surfaces. 4-wheeled kneeling walkers offer quick movement for those recovering from a leg injury, who retain control over their balance and dexterity.

Button walkers have the benefit of being tremendously lightweight in their construction and can be folded for easy handling and transport when not in use. Adjustable heights make them a general one-size-fits-all.


Offering diverse benefits for a wide range of mobility-seekers, canes are ideally-suited for low-profile mobility assistance. Folding cane seats offer instant relief for people with support issues or those who are prone to fatigue. Wrist-strapped canes augment the tactile abilities of the vision impaired. Traditional canes serve to offer better weight distribution when assisting those with balance troubles or minor upright mobility hindrances. Canes are extremely easy to use and transport, and can be adopted by virtually anyone without great exception.