Top Wheelchair Friendly and Accessible Vacations

Travelling with a mobility aid requires extra planning, and it can become frustrating when you research a place that boasts accessibility but doesn’t give you the exact details you need. A place may say “complete accessibility”, only for you to arrive and find out that their claims have been exaggerated.

There are a number of resources available for wheelchair and scooter travelers, including Curb Free with Cory Lee, who shares his travel tips and adventures, and Handiscover, which finds hotels and lodging that are fully accessible based on how mobile you are.

Our mobility product experts have compiled a list of wheelchair and scooter friendly destinations, ranging from Napa Valley to the Emerald Isle.

 Domestic destinations

Disneyland & Disney World

Theme parks, especially Disney, are incredibly accessible and accommodating to visitors using a mobility aid. Usually guests who use wheelchairs and scooters are fully accommodated, including skipping to the front of lines. Disney is famous for accommodating guests of all ages and abilities, promising a fun and care-free vacation for everyone. Find more info at Disney World’s Services for Guests with Disabilities page or at Disneyland’s Services for Guests with Disabilities page.

New York City

New York City is extremely accessible, from wheelchair friendly taxis and subway systems for getting around, to a volunteer program called Big Apple Greeter that connects NYC locals with disabilities with visitors, to make sure they get the most from their trip. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also known for its programs designed for those with limited mobility.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Near Estes Park CO, Rocky Mountain National Park has multiple trails which are wheelchair accessible. Boardwalks, scenic trails and outlooks, campsites, and the multiple visitor’s centers offer incredible views of the mountains! Learn more at Rocky Mountain National Park’s Accessible Trails page.

The Beaches of San Diego

More beaches are becoming wheelchair accessible, thanks to specialized beach wheelchairs, beach mats and boardwalks that reach the water’s edge. Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla Shores in San Diego are highly accessible beaches, with wide-tire beach wheelchairs available for visitors.

 International destinations

Dublin, Ireland

Old cities are usually difficult to navigate, bumpy cobblestone walkways and randomly placed stone stairways can pose a problem for wheelchair and scooter visitors. Dublin, however, has managed to preserve the historic feel of the city without sacrificing accessibility. An abundance of accessible accommodations and attractions, dropped curbs, and a relatively flat layout makes it highly accessible. If you do need assistance, the locals are always more than happy to help! Check out the essential information page on the Visit Dublin official website or read Cory Lee’s firsthand account of traveling thorough Ireland.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is highly accessible and offers wheelchair friendly taxis and ferries. Accommodations and attractions are all easy to get to, and exploring the city is hassle-free. View the Royal Botanical Gardens or check out the sweeping views of Echo Point, with such easy accessibly throughout the city, the long flight is worth it! Curb Free with Cory Lee also visited Sydney, and wrote about the best accessible attractions.

Barcelona, Spain

Recently Spain has been focusing on accessible travel, and Barcelona is quickly becoming a popular spot. Nearly all the metro stations and busses are wheelchair accessible, and the city itself is relatively flat so getting around is a breeze! Typically wheelchair users get into attractions at a reduced cost, and you can roll the entire length of the La Rambla and the famous Mercat de la Boquera. Everything from the attractions to the beaches are easy to access.

Vienna, Austria

Steeped in history and the former center of the Habsburg Empire, Vienna is surprisingly accessible. Refurbished to eliminate curbs and smooth out the many cobblestone pathways, the city is flat and compact with most central shops, restaurants, and accommodations easily accessible. There are plenty of elevators to the metro stations and low-floor trams to help travelers get around the city with ease.

 Travel the World

As more and more destinations become wheelchair accessible, traveling to exotic locations or local hotspots is quickly becoming a reality for visitors with mobility requirements. For times where you do need a hand to get over small curbs and rises, Discount Ramps offers a wide selection of lightweight mobility ramps, like the portable aluminum track ramps. These aluminum telescoping wheelchair ramps are lightweight and easy to carry on the back of your wheelchair with the available carrying bag. Compact and lightweight, these tracks deploy with the simple push of a button! Ideal for travelling, they are easily operated by one person. We also offer EZ-Access Graphite Fiber Single Fold Ramps, which accommodate all mobility aids! The EZ-Access ramps also have an available carrying case that straps onto the back of your aid for the 29" long model. Happy travels!