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Cable Ramps / Protectors

Minimize trip hazards and protect costly cables around your warehouse, construction site, studio, or garage with an affordable cable management system. Discount Ramps has low prices on a large assortment of cable protection that can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, as well as some lighter duty options for your home or office.

How to Choose a Cable Ramp

Here are the factors to consider:

  • The largest outside diameter of pipes and cables (Here's how to measure OD)
  • How many channels do you need?
  • Do you need a specific weight rating?
  • Plastic, polyurethane, or rubber?
  • Are you matching an existing connector style?
  • Make sure you're looking at reputable brands
  • Do you need hi-visibility colors?
  • Will you need to provide ADA access?
  • Do you need any angled connectors, or transport dollies?

For more detailed information, please read our article How to Choose the Right Cable Ramp.

Praise for Polyurethane Protectors

Polyurethane has overtaken rubber in popularity for commercial cable ramps, and the reasons speak for themselves:

  • Polyurethane weighs 75% less than rubber
  • It holds up really well under use and abuse
  • It has a higher load bearing capacity than rubber
  • It has great oil, chemical, fuel and lubricant resistance
  • It has high cut and tear resistance
  • It has a higher abrasion point than rubber
  • It is UV stable so it can be used indoors or outside
  • It has a broad range of hardness, which means it can be used in a greater variety of applications than rubber
  • Unlike rubber, it is odorless! No smell means it's an excellent choice for indoor uses

Why Do We Cover Cords and Cables?

By covering your cables, you are not only protecting your valuable power, telephone, ethernet and other lines from getting damaged when equipment drives over them, you are also ensuring that employees, visitors and pedestrians won't be as likely to injure themselves. Each cable cover system we sell has a non-slip textured design to improve footing and traction, and most come in high-visibility yellow or orange. Our cable ramps are easy to set up and maintain, while our discount prices are more than worth it to have fewer injuries and potential liability claims.