Bike Stands

Whether you're storing your bikes for the winter, trying to eliminate clutter in your garage, or raising your bike up to perform necessary maintenance, Discount Ramps has the perfect bike stand to meet your needs! From ceiling mounts to wall mounts and floor stands, our wide selection of bike stands can accommodate up to six bikes at a time, keeping your bikes organized and out of the way.

Wall vs Ceiling Storage

The objective is clear for both storage methods - free up more space!! Wall mounts can let you rest the bike flush or perpendicular to the wall, which opens up valuable floor space below. Ceiling mounts are a good option if your walls are already claimed. Some styles dangle your bicycle by one wheel or two, while others are designed to get your bike flush with the ceiling and completely out of your hair!

Proper Winter Bike Storage

Before hanging up your bicycle for the season, give the frame a good cleaning and rub-down. Inflate your tires, and check them periodically over winter. Rotating them periodically will prevent flat spots if the tires are resting on the ground. Lightly lubricate the chain to prevent rust, as well as the braking and shifting cables. Preparing for storage is also a good time to get a proper tune-up at your local bike shop. Shop our selection of bicycle storage stands and mounds to get your bike secured in the off-season!