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Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

For those looking to support their motorcycle, sport bike, or cruiser in an upright position making it easier to secure with safety straps for maintenance, storage, or transportation, offers a careful selection of affordable, high quality motorcycle wheel chocks and motorcycle tie-down racks. These professional-grade chocks are perfect for trailers, pickup trucks, or your garage!

How to Load a Dirt Bike into a Pickup

Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Place ramp on tailgate and secure with tie-down strap.
  2. Put dirt bike in neutral and line it up with the ramp.
  3. With a friend, roll the bike up the ramp into the bed.
  4. Apply the brake when stopped and centered.
  5. Use tie-downs, a wheel chock and soft loops to secure the bike to your truck.
  6. Stop occasionally when driving and check tie-downs.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, please read How to Load a Dirt Bike into a Pickup.

Types of Wheel Chocks

Whether you're servicing you ride at the shop, storing it in your garage or trailering it at the race track, our professional-grade motorcycle chocks will never let you or your bike down. Most of our chocks adjust to fit nearly all makes and models of sports bikes and cruisers on the road today. Our curated selection of wheel chocks includes:

  • Adjustable wheel chocks
  • Removable wheel chocks
  • Self-locking wheel chocks that make it a one-man operation
  • Dirt bike wheel chocks for smaller tires
  • Chock racks for pickups that can hold two motorcycles

Many come with concrete anchors for mounting, or your can purchase Quick Nuts separately to mount a chock to the bed of your truck or trailer.