Black Widow Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock

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  • Sturdy, durable steel design with heavy duty rubber ends to prevent sliding
  • Secures and holds a motorcycle in the upright position
  • Single-person loading and unloading
  • Adjustable to 5 positions, this design accommodates most motorcycle wheels from 16" to 18"
  • Works great as a free-standing floor stand or can be mounted to the floor using the Quick-Nuts-Long hardware for easy quick removal (sold separately)

The Black Widow Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock is designed for optimal stability and ease of use. This wheel chock can be used as a free-standing floor stand, or it can be mounted to a flat surface. Incredibly user friendly, simply ride your bike into the chock and the cradle locks it into an upright position for easy maintenance and storage! Fully adjustable, this chock accommodates nearly all sizes and types of motorcycle wheels, from full-size cruisers to sport bikes.

18 lbs.
16" - 18" Wheels
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