Black Widow Motorcycle Tie-Down Rack for Pickups

Secure up to two motorcycles in your pickup truck for transport with this motorcycle tie-down rack for pickups. The tie-down rack features integrated chocks and durable steel construction for wheel stability and long-term reliability. More
1 Year Warranty

Secure up to two motorcycles in your pickup truck for transport with this motorcycle tie-down rack for pickups. The tie-down rack features integrated chocks and durable steel construction for wheel stability and long-term reliability.

  • Secures up to two motorcycles to your pickup truck
  • Two wheel chocks & three tie-down points for stability
  • Durable steel construction with black powder coating
  • Adjustable width from 54" to 73"
  • Mounting hardware included

The motorcycle tie-down rack provides a safe and secure way to transport your dirt bike, motocross bike, sport bike, or cruiser in the back of your pickup truck. Featuring two stabilizing wheel chocks and three heavy-duty tie-down rings for both motorcycles, the tie-down rack makes it easy to ensure that your motorcycle is safe and secure during transportation. Durable steel construction and a thick black powder coating ensure years of reliable use against the wear and tear of regular use. The rack features an adjustable width from 54" to 73" for universal fitting in most pickup trucks. Installing the motorcycle rack can also reduce truck bed flex that can occur when using straps on regular side rails. Also available is the Motorcycle Tie-Down Rack Center Extension which offsets motorcycle handlebars, allowing you to fit up to three bikes in your truck bed.

10 lbs.

Product Features

  • Adjustable width 54" - 73"
  • Durable steel construction
  • Thick black powder coating
  • 3 heavy duty tie down rings
  • 2 integrated wheel chocks
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Drilling required
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual


How to Use a Motorcycle Wheel Chock
How to Safely Tie Down a Motorcycle
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Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)


4 Stars Good, I think. Just Installed but haven't used it yet.

Jeremy from CA wrote (January 07, 2018):

So I just finished up installing the product. I am multi-purposing my one place snowmobile trailer to be able to haul up to 3 motos. There are no instructions but I found them here and it's pretty self explanatory. I am not certain about the height so I measured my dirt bike tires and tried to make it the same height as the middle of the tire . Like everyone else the product came pre-scratched. I don't think the hole in the optional 3rd mount will work as shown in the photo. It seems like it has to go upside down for the tie down to fit so it will create a v shaped water trap.

3 Stars Good product, hard to install on Tacoma

Greg from CO wrote (May 02, 2017):

Like a lot of other people here, taking a star right off the bat for poor packaging. Seems like an easy thing to address, but instead it comes with some scratches and the hardware package broke open and spilled all over the box. Takign another star- Installation on a Tacoma double cab long bed was damn near impossible without special tools i happened to have, which were not provided. Find a friend with tiny hands and buy him some beer when you install this, the space between the cab and the bed is about an inch wide and I couldn't even fit a normal wrench in there. I happened to have a completely flat wrench with the right size hole from a previous bike rack purchase that barely worked by flexing the actual bed out from the cab and having my girlfriend stick her tiny fingers in between. The actual rack looks good and works as advertised though, so a full 3/3 stars for that portion. If you don't mind struggling to get this on or have sufficient space between the bed and the cab, this rack would work great. If you have a Tacoma, it will be a struggle.

4 Stars Good product for the price.

MTR from FL wrote (January 05, 2017):

Quality of product is good, fit and finish is also good. I'm impressed, it does its job very well. I would of gave it a five star rating but for one issue. This product needs to be packaged better.

4 Stars eliminated bed flex and provides solid tie down points

Ira from WA wrote (November 22, 2016):

Easy install in Chevy Silverado 2500HD. Used existing knock-out holes in bed. Had to buy larger washers, but install was easy after that. Solid tie down anchor points, should make transport of two bikes super easy. As mentioned in another review the item was shipped in a manner that caused damage to the product (paint/powder coat worn off). Would have given item 5 stars were it not for this shipping/quality issue. Nothing a little black paint won't fix.

4 Stars Moto Tie-Down Rack

Moto415 from CA wrote (October 14, 2016):

A must for hauling two bikes. It really locks the front wheels in and gives a consistent place to tie-down two bikes. I also purchased the middle kicker for a third bike, but haven't hauled three yet. Two reasons for knocking off a star, 1. it rattles pretty good when not hauling bikes. If I installed again, I'd put some sort of material to stop the rattle. 2. After one week, there were some rust spots on the inside of the triangle blocks. I don't think it will be an issue and I can touch-up with spray paint if it gets bad. You can't bed-liner spray these without completely stripping off the powder coating which isn't cost-effective. Also, the hardware isn't black, so I sprayed those black for aesthetics.

5 Stars Great Product

Jason Feilner from FL wrote (March 30, 2016):

Awesome, it works very well.

4 Stars Pretty ok for the price

Stillie from FL wrote (September 17, 2015):

I had this in the back of my GMC Canyon for a little over 3 years. This is the ONLY way to go, especially if you have limited tie down points in your vehicle. I hauled two dirt bikes all over the country like this.. Bonus, it gives you an excellent place to anchor the bikes with a steel cable and armored locks. I found the mounting hardware bolts were too long for my truck so I discarded them and replaced with Grade 8 hardware from Lowes. I will be purchasing another one for my new truck and mounting it in the same way. This time around, I plan on painting it with bedliner paint before mounting it because the stock paint fades over time and makes the steel prone to rust. That's the only reason I took a star.

4 Stars Tie down motorcycle rack for truck bed

Jimmy from TN wrote (June 14, 2015):

Very easy to install. Works great while leaving truck bed clear of other types of wheel chocks when not hauling motorcycles yet always ready to go. Loading is quick and easy. Packaging could of been better. Pieces were placed in box that banged together in shipment that cause some scratch marks along with the bolt and nut package coming apart and pieces strewed about. All though very happy. This is the way to go when hauling motorcycles in a truck bed.