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How-To Guide

How to Choose a Motorcycle Ramp

 Updated on: September 17th, 2020

Have an idea of your motorcycle’s size

Have an idea of your motorcycle’s size

Dirt bikes, ADVs or smaller road bikes may only require single runner ramps for you to lead them up. Never ride up a single-runner ramp as you could fall and injury yourself. Larger bikes such as cruisers, sport bikes or touring bikes likely need a full-width ramp so that if you ride up the ramp you will have space to put your feet down for balance. Weight also factors into assessing the size of the ramp you need, as not all ramps have the same weight capacity.

Measure your motorcycle to determine your minimum ramp length

Three key measurements are needed to determine the proper ramp length for your motorcycle – the wheelbase, ground clearance, and loading height (also known as rise). The wheelbase is the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels. The ground clearance is the distance from the ground to the lowest part of the bike while it is upright (not on a kickstand). The loading height, or rise, is the distance from the ground to the flat surface of your truck or trailer.

Fill in the form below to see the minimum ramp length you need.

Please enter Wheelbase.
Please enter Ground Clearance.
Please enter Loading Height.
Minimum ramp length =  ft. (1:12 Slope)
Determine if you will have loading help

Determine if you will have loading help

Depending on the size of your bike, loading a motorcycle is typically a two- to three-person job. If you know you will be loading a large motorcycle alone, think about a full-width ramp so you can ride it up. For smaller rides, like dirt bikes, consider also investing in a trailer hitch step such as the Apex Steel Hitch Step so that you can step up alongside the bike as you load it.

Take frequency of use into account

Take frequency of use into account

If you will only be loading your motorcycle up occasionally, a ramp that folds in half for storage might be all you need. For frequent motorcycle haulers who are constantly setting up and taking down their ramps, the Alumi-Loc system is a time-saver because it attaches to the tailgate of your truck and allows you to quickly set up your ramps without worrying about kickback. Some other good options for frequent motorcycle loaders include using a full-width ramp to simply drive the bike up, or consider investing in a powered ramp system to avoid any hassle.