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Motorcycle Lift Tables

We are pleased to offer a curated selection of compressed air, hydraulic, and air-over-hydraulic motorcycle lift tables at the lowest prices! Our quality lift tables come in a range of weight capacities and offer a variety of useful features designed to make servicing your bike in your garage or shop as simple as possible.

A Motorcycle Lift Table for Every Bike and Ability

Whether you're a powersport hobbyist, professional mechanic, or somewhere in between, our huge selection of discounted motorcycle lift tables will provide you with the perfect solution for your specific bike maintenance needs. These quality table lifts are designed to make the process of lifting your motorcycle to proper servicing height safer and easier than ever. From compressed air lifts and hydraulic lifts to air-over-hydraulic models that use a combination of both, our wide array of motorcycle lift tables is engineered to accommodate any existing garage or shop setup.

Best Practices When Using a Lift

  • Keep the area around the lift clear to prevent your bike from being jostled as it raises or lowers.
  • Know where your bike's center of gravity is located and be careful not to unbalance it.
  • Line your vice with rubber to prevent scratches to your bike's finish.
  • Make sure your bike is secured firmly to the lift with straps at safety attachment points.
  • Pad any areas where straps touch paint to prevent rub damage.
  • The lift should exceed your bike's wet weight with a reasonable safety margin.