Heavy Duty Loading Ramp Dolly - 220-lb Capacity

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  • Allows you to easily move heavy-duty ramps
  • Works with hook-end, flat plate, and pin ramps
  • Works with ramps and ramp systems up to 20" wide
  • Durable rust-resistant aluminum rod
  • Two 220-lb capacity solid rubber tires

Save yourself the work of hand-carrying your ramps and ramp systems with the Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp Dolly. Designed for any heavy-duty ramp up to 20" wide, the ramp dolly makes it easier to maneuver your ramps into place. The Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp Dolly works with any heavy hook-end, flat plate, or pin-style ramps and ramp systems up to 20" wide to allow a single person to transport them with ease. Featuring solid rubber tires with a 220 lb weight capacity, simply rest your ramp or ramp system section atop the tough, rust-resistant aluminum bar, and you’re ready to go! Installation is as easy as locking the tires onto the bar with the included hairpin cotters.

220 lbs.
19 lbs.
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