Trailer Ramp Ends

Heavy Duty Trailer Ramp End Selection Guide

Increase safety and efficiency while loading and unloading your truck or trailer. Adding a secure connection to your trailer significantly increases the stability of your ramp for quick and easy loading. Discount Ramps offers multiple connection styles, and our team of product experts is happy to help you find which one is best suited to your requirements:

Plate ends

Plate end ramps have a flat metal plate at the end, which rests on the trailer. Though they’re basic and adaptable to virtually any trailer, these ramps must be strapped to the trailer to prevent them from kicking out or moving apart during the loading process.

Hook ends

As the name implies, hook-end ramps feature a hook at the end, which locks into trailer rub rails and angle iron trailer sides. Ramps with hook ends also fit into our Alumi-Loc attaching system, which is a great accessory for trailers that lack a mounting point. Hook end ramps provide a more secure connection than plate end ramps.

Hybrid ends

These ramps have a hook at the end for trailers that have an appropriate mounting point, but also feature a plate beyond that so they can still be used on trailers that a hook-end ramp can’t be mounted to.


Ramps with pin-on ends provide the most secure connection, however they require modification of the trailer itself. Special skid seat attaching brackets must be welded or bolted to the trailer—the ramp end will sit in the bracket channel and lock in place via a large metal pin. Ramps with pin-on ends secure to the trailer with pins, and therefore do not need to be strapped to the trailer before use.

Roller Ends

Ramps with wheel-ends are designed for car-hauling semi trailers (also called stingers). The wheels on the ends of these ramps allow them to be easily slid into the trailer’s ramp storage pockets.

Discount Ramps offers a wide selection of heavy duty ramps for a variety of commercial applications, compatible with all the connections. If you have any questions on which ramp or ramp end is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact our product professionals by calling 888-651-3431, or send us an email.