Adjustable Mesh Dog Car Barrier - 21" Mesh Height
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Easy to Install Barrier, No Tools or Drilling Required

This mesh dog car barrier features fully adjustable heights and widths to accommodate all vehicle makes and models. Installation is easy, and doesn’t require any tools or drilling. The rubber feet and strip at the top of the barrier secure it in your vehicle, ensuring that it stays in one place during travel.

Features & Benefits

  • Made from black heavy duty steel
  • Non-slip rubber cups and rubber strip keep barrier in place
  • Easy to tighten wing nut system controls height of barrier
  • No tools needed for installation or adjustment
  • Adjustable height of 31”-47”
  • Adjustable width of 36”-61-1/2”

Durable Design will Keep Your Pet Safe for Years to Come

Keep your pet safely contained to the rear of your vehicle with this mesh pet divider. Manufactured from high-quality steel for maximum durability, this barrier is designed to last! Make sure your focus is on the road, and ensure your pet’s safety with the Adjustable Mesh Dog Car Barrier.

Fully Adjustable Mesh Pet Barrier

Product Features

  • Adjusts for in height and width to accommodate many vehicles
  • Simple installation - NO drilling and NO tools
  • Fits most sport utility vehicles, wagons and mini-vans
  • Durable black finish and steel construction
  • Steel wire mesh style
  • Mesh Spacing is 2" x 2"
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual


How to Choose the Correct Pet Ramp
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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Review Summary (Based on 17 Reviews)


4 Stars Mostly Decent

Jeff from VA wrote (September 07, 2016):

Box came with loose hardware and I could not find one of the screws. Material was solid and worked well. Unfortunately the rubber component smells bad (still, after 5 days.)

4 Stars Keeps the dog in the back

Monica from NH wrote (August 09, 2016):

I have a 60-lb mixed breed dog, and he has not tried to bust through this barrier; it keeps him in the back. You may have different luck depending on your dog's temperament, because while this is a barrier, it does not feel rock-solid to me when installed. I had trouble with one of the O-rings shredding when I was screwing in one metal post. Also,I found the metal brackets rattled, so I cut some thin pieces of foam to put inside each bracket, which has cut down the rattling by about 90%. You could also try zip-ties. Overall, this barrier works for me, and was a lot cheaper than others I've looked at, and was put in a 2013 Subaru Outback Wagon.

5 Stars Works quite well

Shawna from WA wrote (June 05, 2016):

The shipping was amazingly fast but when I got it it was missing the wing nuts. Not a huge deal. It didn't work where I initially wanted it but with a little fiddling it is now keeping my pups from jumping all over me while I drive.

4 Stars Does the job!

Stephen from NH wrote (April 22, 2016):

Pain moving barrier from wife"s jeep to my KIA so I bought my own. Price went up by about $5.00 since last year but still very reasonable. Arrived in a timely manner, attaches with bungee's only for quick on and off! Only negative was 0ne of the adjustable side wings was bigger then the other? Couple of zip-tie made it work. Would still recommand to others.

5 Stars Great Value

Whit from MT wrote (April 10, 2016):

Having just purchased a new Subaru, I wanted a dog barrier. Put off by the expense of buying one from the dealer, I went online and found this one. The reviews were solid, but it seemed too inexpensive to live up to its claims. But it arrived promptly, is solidly built of good materials, and adjusted to the car easily. The only downside is need to thoroughly clean the adjustable support rods prior to use.

4 Stars Great Price, Very Sturdy

B. from IN wrote (October 21, 2015):

Did some shopping around for this item. There are a few very similar products out there. This one caught my eye because of the better price, and the larger rubber feet, and rubber guard on the top. Was fairly easy to install in our 2011 GMC Terrain, and we were even able to keep the pull-out trunk cover in place. The rubber guards work great to avoid damaging the interior. Gave it 4 stars because it came with a bit too much of an oily coating on the threaded adjustment rods.

5 Stars The right product, the right price, and wow it got here fast.

Andrew from IL wrote (September 24, 2015):

I just recently took delivery on a nice Subaru with leather interior, and even though I love my dog, I don't want him messing up my leather. Pet barriers seem to be between $150-$300, and I was blown away to see this great quality product for such a great price. And for $11 Shipping and handling, it arrived at my door in under 24 hours. Unbelievable and awesome.

4 Stars I'm happy, the dog.. Not so much

Bill from WA wrote (May 05, 2015):

I adopted a fairly stubborn, and very ingenious dog. Trying to keep him behind the back seat of my SUV became a game for him, and a major frustration for me. No more. I could almost see the disappointment in his eyes when I assembled the barrier today and fit it into my SUV. Gone are the days of him jumping through, and over, around the bungee cords I had setup on the back seat headrests to keep him in the cargo area. Fit and finish are acceptable (considering the price). I do wish the barrier had come with the instruction manual, however as it's easily available online it wasn't a major hassle. No major issues to report assembling the barrier, everything worked as expected. One note is to put the T-nuts on the rods first, then put the O-rings on the rods, however leaving them very far up on the rods. Don't make the same mistake I did and push the rubber O-rings flush with the T-nuts. I have a 2013 Toyota RAV-4 (new body style). One note is that the middle seat belt becomes unusable due to the barrier blocking the path for the buckle attachment. Also you do lose the range of motion for reclining the back seat. A minor price to pay to stop my daily chore of removing fur from the backseat and front seats (because most days he thinks he's going to drive).

4 Stars As advertised

Ken V from FL wrote (April 27, 2015):

The pet barrier worked well in my Saturn Vue SUV, was reasonably easy to assemble, although a little awkward. I would recommend it for dogs.

4 Stars pet barrier

Perry from ND wrote (March 24, 2015):

The barriers were as expected and they will be extremely use full dividing the van and keeping our parts from getting scattered around.

4 Stars Gets the job done

Charles from NM wrote (March 24, 2015):

This pet barrier works well. Takes a bit to set up, but once it is in place- solid!

5 Stars Wonderful

Thomas from MA wrote (March 19, 2015):

Purchased to contain dog in backseat area, turned out to be better than I expected for such a great price. The overall purchase was wonderful. Shipped Quick. Look forward to purchasing from this business.

5 Stars Awesome barrier!

Stephen VanDalinda from NH wrote (March 09, 2015):

Delievered in a reasonable time and price was right. Impressed! Easy to configure to my wifes Jeep patriot and my Kia sorento in no time. I switch it from car to car as needed using bungee cords. My 1 year old 80lb German Sherperd pup tries but no way able to get to the front! case closed, great product-happy customer

5 Stars review of pet guard for auto

David from OR wrote (February 28, 2015):

the first thing i liked was that the item was exactly what i ordered. the delivery was prompt. the installation was easy and the directions were clear and concise! thank you

5 Stars Great pet barrier

Paul from NY wrote (February 14, 2015):

I've did a lot of looking around for a pet barrier. This is the best one I found. Took 15-20 minutes to put together and 10 minutes to adjust . Now the dog can ride with us and not jump all over the back of the SUV

5 Stars Very good barrier

Paul from NY wrote (February 13, 2015):

I purchased this for my truck. It was fairly simple to put together. I would say 15 -20 minutes The barrier comes partially assembled (I read this from another site before I purchased it from Discount Ramps. Discount Ramps also had a better price even with the shipping).

5 Stars very nice product

julie fuhr from CO wrote (February 08, 2015):

i like this pet barrier it holds up real good it was a little hard to put in my suv but overall it is very good the only problem i have with it was put the rubber piece on and it didnt want to stay at first but once i got it in my suv works well thanks love it

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