Hitch Drop/Riser

Eliminate misaligned hitch and trailer configurations and make towing smooth and easy with our hitch drop or riser. Made from durable black powder coated steel, the hitch riser/drop adds 4-1/2" of clearance when used in either configuration. Fits any 2" receiver.

  • Eliminates misaligned hitch and trailer configurations
  • Adds 4-1/2" rise or drop (depending on use)
  • Made from heavy duty powder coated steel
  • 6-3/4" distance between hitch pin holes
  • Weighs 8 lbs
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1 Year Warranty


Created with a steel tube design featuring a durable black powder coat finish, the DRH3 Hitch Drop / Riser extends, providing a 4-1/2" clearance in either Drop or Rise configurations. The DRH3 makes towing smooth and easy for misaligned hitches and trailer configurations!


The DRH3 Hitch Drop / Riser provides a smooth, aligned, and safe towing configuration. DRH3 Hitch Drop / Riser features a 6-1/2" overlay extension able to rise or drop a 2" receiver tube over 4-1/2", with 6-3/4" between pin holes. Each Hitch Drop / Riser helps to take the hassle out of mismatched towing configurations by providing plenty of clearance in either a drop or rise setup. The DRH3 Hitch Drop / Riser is constructed from durable tube steel with a black powder coat to last tow after tow. Comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Hitch Drop / Riser
8 lbs
500 lbs
5,000 lbs
2" Class III or IV
Male End - 5/8"
Female End - 5/8"

Product Features

  • Rises or drops a 2" receiver
  • Length between pin holes: 6-3/4"
  • 4-1/2" Rise
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Durable black powder coat finish
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Will not increase overall towing or tongue capacity of trailer hitch
  • Do not use more than one adapter at a time
  • Do not use adapters with weight distribution systems
  • Never modify the hitch adapter
  • Never exceed the vehicle hitch rating


Trailer Hitch Classes and Applications

Review Summary (Based on 9 Reviews)


5 Stars Just right.

Jay from MS wrote (February 19, 2015):

I bought it to use on our RV with the motorcycle carrier that I also bought here (Item # SMC-600R). I needed to extend the hitch out far enough beyond the spare tire on the RV, to make room for the Suzuki Burgman 400, and also to lower the carrier to make it easier to load the scooter. This product does both, with enough weight capacity to handle both the scooter and the carrier. It seems to be solid and well made, much more heavy-duty and better quality than similar products I looked at.

5 Stars Hitch Drop / Riser

Tim C from TX wrote (January 15, 2015):

I bought this riser for the hitch on the back of my RV. Due to the motorcycle carrier that I also ordered it stuck out long enough that I worried that on an uneven entrance, the carrier would drag. This riser solved that problem.

5 Stars Great product

Jerry from GA wrote (December 24, 2014):

Could not find product in hitch stores. Arrived quickly and now my bumper storage basket doesn't scrape my inclined driveway.

5 Stars Great product! Fast ship

Keren from MD wrote (November 06, 2014):

works great, arrived quickly. Our plow is ready to go, all we need now is the snow !

5 Stars 2" Hitch riser

Gene from WI wrote (October 31, 2014):

I Bought this riser Because my john Deer Gator snow plow was to high

5 Stars drop hitch

Darwin from NC wrote (October 30, 2014):

We have a Hoveround power lift to attach to 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The hitch on the jeep is 20 inches high and needs to be 13 to 17 inches high . This drop hitch will allow us to attach the power lift to the Jeep and transport the wife's power wheel chair. shipping was very fast and the item was priced affordable.

5 Stars Just what the doctor ordered

Jim from CO wrote (October 25, 2014):

I bought this riser because I pull a jeep behind my RV with a surge brake system. I needed the riser to level the system. This item worked great because it lifted the hitch receiver 4.5 in. and kept the weight limit needed to pull the Jeep. Other risers like this do not have towing capacity and are meant for things like bike racks.

5 Stars Hitch Drop/Riser 4 1/2"

Ken from WY wrote (September 17, 2014):

This product is exactly what I needed. It is built very well and I would recommend it to anyone. I bought a wheel chair ramp for my RAV4 and had to remove the spare tire from its' mount on the rear swinging door so I could get the ramp to fold up when not in use. However, I had to put my spare tire in the 'trunk' by lowering one side of the back seat to get it there because I could not open the rear swinging door only about 8 inches with the ramp mounted, even with the ramp folded down and ready to accept the wheel chair. The door hit on the ramp. This drop hitch solved two problems. I can now open the back door with the ramp in the unfolded, down position, and was able to remount the spare tire on the outside where it is supposed to be (inside was a safety concern). As an added plus, the wheel chair doesn't have to climb so steep to get onto the ramp (4 1/2 inches lower makes a lot of difference because of the shortness of the ramp). The ramp now folds up nicely against the spare tire. Perfect. Thank You!

3 Stars Class III hitch adapter

Dave from TN wrote (September 13, 2014):

First off, I'll tell you what I like about this adapter. It makes my wheel chair lift work as designed. I have a tall vehicle (Ford Expedition) and the hitch is about 2 inches too high. This adapter allows the platform on my lift to touch the ground and that allows me to load my chair. There was an adapter available from the lift manufacturer, but it cost $190, a no brainer for buying this adapter. The quality of construction is good and the finish is good. I ordered this on the 9th and received it on the 12th, can't beat that!! Packaging was good, received in good condition. Now, let me tell you what I don't like about this adapter. First, I had to drill out the hole for the hitch pin. For some reason the manufacturer thinks a Class III hitch uses a 1/2 pin. Wrong! It uses a 5/8 inch pin. Problem with this is I had to buy a $17 drill to correct that issue. The next issue is that I wish they would drill a couple more holes in the part that goes into the receiver on my Expedition. I could shorten up the lengt