Harbor Mate Manual Bilge Pump
Yellow Bilge Pump With Flexible Hose Attached
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1 Year Warranty

Whether you need to back up a malfunctioning bilge pump or bail your boat out quickly, our handy manual pump will do the trick. This easy-to-use hand bilge pump features a plunger-style design and works like a bicycle tire pump to draw eight gallons of water per minute up through the intake valve and out the attached hose.

  • Hand-powered plunger method dispels water
  • Pumps eight gallons per minute
  • Threading in hose attachment nozzle for stable connection
  • Removable hose and U-shaped bracket for storage convenience

When it comes to bailing out a boat cover after the rain, backing up a malfunctioning bilge pump, or just forgetting to insert a drain plug, the manual bilge pump is perfect for removing up to 8 gallons of unwanted water buildup a minute. The hand bilge pump uses a simple hand pump, much like a basketball or bike tire pump, and uses the plunger-like method to bring liquids through the intake valve up and out through the attached hose.

The unprotected side of the hose simply screws into the opening near the top of the solid tube. The opposite end of the hose is covered by a protective plastic cap that eliminates sharp edges and prevents scratching. The threading on the inside of the opening keeps the hose in place during use. The flexible hose attaches to a loop bracket and is removable.

2.9 lbs

Product Features

  • Uses hand-powered plunger method to dispel water
  • Pumps 8 gallons a minute
  • 35 1/2" hose
  • Threading in hose attachment nozzle for stable connection
  • Removable hose and U-shaped bracket for storage convenience
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)


5 Stars Bilge Pump-Manually Operated

John from MI wrote (October 14, 2015):

Pumps are strong and work great and very fast shipping.

5 Stars Bilge Pump works great!

Brooke Sroka from NC wrote (October 05, 2015):

The Bilge Pump works great! It storms often and our boat filled up with water so we wanted to find an inexpensive way to pump the water out easier. It recently stormed heavily and we had to use it to pump gallons out of our boat. It works great and has made getting the water out so much easier!

5 Stars Great pump

Todd from CA wrote (September 20, 2015):

The pump came just in time after a rain in Newport Beach the other day. It easily pumped out 3 - 4 gallons of water. Fast shipping too.

5 Stars manual bilge pump

Mike from VA wrote (August 31, 2015):

Bilge pump works great! Heavy duty feel to it.