Hoist-a-Bike Electric Motocross Dirt Bike Lift - 450 lb Capacity

Make more room in your garage with this amazing motocross bike hoist system! The bike lift allows cars to park under your hoisted bike and trucks to drive under for loading and unloading! The Hoist A Bike can safely store up to 400 lbs! Lift your bike or quad in seconds with the push of button!

Item # Description Weight
Status Price Quantity
014-620 Hoist-a-Bike Motocross Bike Lift 400 lbs
014-615 Hoist-a-Bike (frame only) 400 lbs


The Hoist a Bike is a space saving solution for motocross bike storage! The bike lift can be used in garages or showrooms for storing motocross/enduro bikes, lifting them for maintenance, or bringing them to eye level for potential customer inspection! On a 12 foot ceiling a bike can be lifted with enough room for an economy car to park underneath! With the hoist a bike, you wont have to worry about damaging your bike by knocking it over on a conventional stand or bending over and kneeling down to do oil changes or maintenance! The motocross lift can safely store up to 450 lbs!

The hoist system includes (2) eye lag mounting screws, 2 hook pulleys, a Hoist a Bike frame with balance adjusting slide and eye bolt, and a 750 rated-110v straight load winch with mounting hardware and safety stop. The hoist features a 6 foot drop cable that connects to the winch for easy one person operation with the touch of a button! The adjustable slide mechanism on the Hoist a Bike frame allows you to perfectly balance your vehicle. The frame features rubber coated hooks to hold up the front of your bike, and two 300 lb rated velcro straps to hold up the rear swing arm forks. Installation is simple! All you need is an electric drill, socket set, and tape measure! The Hoist a Bike lift system comes with everything you need to lift a motocross or enduro bike!

Product Features

  • Single 750 rated straight load winch
  • Adjustable hoist frame for balancing loads
  • Dual 300 lb Velcro rear swing arm straps
  • For use with motocross bikes
  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • Save space in your garage
  • Eliminates the need to bend over or kneel for maintenance
  • Show off new bikes in the dealership showroom at eye level
  • Also available: Hoist-A-Quad ATV Hoist

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