How to Decide what Ramp I Should Use for Loading Golf Carts

Instructions for choosing a loading ramp for golf carts

golf-cart Weight Distribution: Many golf carts, especially electric carts, have significant imbalance in the weight distribution on each axle. Ramp capacities are based upon two axles with equally distributed loads. Thus, taking the total weight of the golf cart at face value may well lead to the purchase of ramps that have inadequate capacity. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s specifics often do not provide the axle weights.

Wheel Configuration: Some golf carts have wheels that are offset, in other words, the distance between the front tires may be different (less than) the distance between the rear wheels requiring wide ramps.

Ground Clearance and Wheel Base: Most golf carts have low ground clearance (under 4") and a relatively long wheel base (98" plus) thus they can easily bottom out at the crest when using straight ramps. We suggest arched ramps to help alleviate this situation.

Load Height: The distance from the ground to the trailer or truck bed impacts the length of ramp. The greater the load height, the longer the ramp should be.

Recommend Ramps:

We recommend our 3,000-lb capacity ramps as the appropriate ramps for two-man golf carts. In any event, please contact us to discuss your specific situation prior to ordering golf cart ramps. To determine the length of golf cart ramp that you need, please use our ATV/UTV ramp calculator.

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