ATV/UTV Wheel Bonnet

Wheel bonnets let you safely and securely tie down your ATV or UTV by its tires. This frees the suspension to properly continue to support the vehicle. Use two straps to secure vehicles weighing up to 1,200 lbs. Recommended by professionals for safety and to extend the life of your suspension.

  • Ties down your ATV or UTV while leaving suspension free
  • Fits most ATV, UTV and three-wheeler tires
  • Easy to use ratchet mechanism ensures a tight fit
  • Secures vehicles up to 1,200 lbs using two tie downs
  • Four straps required for securing UTV's
1 Year Warranty
Item # Description Status Price Quantity
ATV-WHL-TIE-1 1 pack of ATV Wheel Bonnets
ATV-WHL-TIE-2 2 pack of ATV Wheel Bonnets
Originally $59.98
Sale $54.99
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ATV-WHL-TIE-4 4 pack of ATV Wheel Bonnets
Originally $119.96
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These tire bonnets safely and securely anchor your ATV or UTV by the tires, allowing the suspension to be free to support the vehicle.


Safely anchor down your ATV or UTV with ATV Wheel Bonnets! These wheel tie down straps securely anchor your vehicle by the tires, preventing it from rolling. Because the tire bonnets secure the ATV below the suspension, the suspension is free to work as it was designed and support the vehicle. This also allows the wheel bonnets to stay tight, as the suspension is not working against them, and your shocks and springs will have a longer life and reliability. Two ATV wheel bonnets will anchor one ATV up to 1,200 lbs. It is recommended that UTVs be anchored by all four tires.

Product Features

  • Anchors below the suspension, allowing the suspension to support the vehicle
  • Holds tight and stays tight as the suspension is not working against the anchors
  • Anchors by the tires, so shocks and springs will last longer
  • Two wheel tie downs will anchor one ATV up to 1200 lbs
  • UTVs should be anchored by all four tires
  • 1 year warranty

Review Summary (Based on 18 Reviews)


5 Stars Great product, price and service,

MZ from AL wrote (October 31, 2016):

I was looking for a set of wheel tie downs for my Polaris RZR, to get away from dealing with my traditional straps always going loose. Finally was able to try this out yesterday the machine didn't move an inch and the straps were just as tight as when I put them on. Was also way quicker then the way I tied it down before. Being in Canada, I wasn't able to order online as it wouldn't let me choose a Canadian address. I got a quick reply to my email the next day and they processed my order over the phone and shipped it the same day. While it would be nice to have the option to order internationally (it won't even let me choose Canada or my province in this review), online I do appreciate the quick service. Very impressed with these for the price, and will be buying a set as a Christmas present for my dad.

5 Stars Great!

Rode Warrior from KY wrote (August 29, 2016):

Looks and works as advertised? Better than all my homemade tries. Glad I broke down and bought!

5 Stars ATV Wheel Bonnet

JR from TX wrote (July 27, 2016):

Great product and really fast shipping!

5 Stars Great buy

Mike from OR wrote (May 18, 2016):

These tie downs are great. It makes all the difference to have adjustment on both ends.

5 Stars These are the straps your ATV is looking for!

Greg from WA wrote (April 21, 2016):

I had previously purchased 4 of these to hold my two quads down to the trailer. Before these bonnet straps, I was using regular ratchet straps. The ratchet straps worked ok, but I was always concerned about how tight they locked the suspension. When you go over a bump, your quads have to be able to move a little so parts don't bend and brake. I found these bonnet straps and they're the easiest I've ever used. You simply adjust them to fit your tire size, hook it to your trailer and ratchet them down. The stress is now on your tires, leaving the suspension of the quad free for moving and absorbing the bumps. To unload, simply release the tension on the strap and slide it off the tire. Leave the strap right where it is on the trailer so you know the exact location when reloading your quad. These worked so well, I purchased 4 more when we bought 2 additional quads. With the cinch straps for adjustability, these even fit around the little 16" tires that are on the kids quads. I only put the straps on the front ties (one on each tire) and I have no problems with the rear tires sliding or moving. I've pull my quads over 350 miles over dirt roads and mountain terrain and have never had an issue. I highly recommend these straps for securely holding your ATV/UTV to your trailer. Discount has the cheapest price. Better than HarborFreight, Amazon or even ebay! A great product, a great company and always fast and friendly communication and shipping.

5 Stars UTV wheel bonnet

mike from NV wrote (March 25, 2016):

WOW !!! very nice , the only way to go

5 Stars ATV Wheel Anchors.

D Schaefer from OR wrote (March 02, 2016):

Picked up two to use and like them so much I bought two more. Use them to tie down my UTV. They are easy to install and hold the UTV or a quad securely to the trailer

5 Stars These Tie Downs Rock

Louis from Tucson AZ from AZ wrote (February 15, 2016):

This is the best tie down I have used for my quads.... I have used all different types of them and all have come lose or broken, But not these everything stays right where I tied it....Would recommend all day long

5 Stars Best Tie Downs Ever!

Joe from AZ wrote (August 08, 2015):

This is a great way to secure your UTV and not wear it out! Plus these straps go on much faster and tighter and stay that way.

5 Stars UTV wheel bonnet

Ron from WA wrote (August 05, 2015):

I purchased 4 Wheel bonnets for my Kawasaki Teryx one for each wheel. Secures the Teryx to my Shore Lander trailer and allows the suspension to work on the Teryx and trailer for a smooth secure ride. They adjust easily to the different wheel sizes.

5 Stars Wheel Bonnet

Michael from ID wrote (July 05, 2015):

Use theses on my UTV and they work great. I tried to use standard straps and they would fall off after hitting a single bump. These work well to keep the machine from moving on the trailer.

5 Stars ATV/UTV Wheel Bonnets

Dave from WI wrote (June 24, 2015):

These wheel bonnets work great. I used to just put a single strap around my wheels on my UTV and would have them sometimes fall off. With these bonnets, I no longer have to worry about that happening. I highly recommend using these on your ATV or UTV.

5 Stars atv wheel tie strap

Steve from OR wrote (May 05, 2015):

I love these tie downs; last year same trailer, same 2 atv's, same pickup pulling the trailer I broke 9, yes nine, tie straps on 70 miles of gravel washboard road. This year no stopping, no putting knots in broken tie straps, no bouncing around atv's I just drove in and back out. This is the right way to keep your atv on a trailer!!!!!!!

5 Stars Atv wheel bonnets

Kenneth from FL wrote (May 01, 2015):

Wow how did i go so long without these.I just bought a new trailer put hooks on floor ,used the wheel straps to go from FL. to S.C. with 2 atv s ,I have taken this trip before with same type of trailer but this time nothing moved straps did what they were desinged to do.If you are on the fence about buying these do it you will not regret it. I will never strap my atv any other way, takes the stress off suspension of bikes and lets trailer take the bumps they work together.5 stars. and cheap.

5 Stars Just what Needed

Robert Valtierra from AZ wrote (April 20, 2015):

These tire bonnet tie downs are exactly what I need to secure my UTV inside my toyhauler.

5 Stars Quick service

Dean from ND wrote (April 15, 2015):

Product shipped quickly and arrived as stated in add. Would recommend to others.

5 Stars ATV Wheel Bonnet

Kevin from MO wrote (January 14, 2015):

Fast shipping! Functions as described on the website. Perfect size for ATVs. I Highly recommend!

5 Stars ATV Wheel Bonnet

Elkbow John from CA wrote (December 11, 2014):

On time and exactly as described. Don't bother to transport your toy without this item. Works perfect, simple to install. Great design and really works...

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