10' Long 3/8" Grade 70 Heavy-Duty Chain

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  • Great for securing heavy-duty cargo and machinery
  • Grade 70 steel
  • 3/8" heavy-duty chain
  • Zinc-coated for extra protection
  • Measures 10' L x 3/8"

10 ft. Grade 70 high test chains are perfect for securing heavy equipment to flatbed trailers for transport. The zinc-coated transport chain is not meant for overhead lifting. The 3/8" heavy-duty chains are made for industrial, construction, agricultural, and transportation when heavy cargo and equipment are transported on a regular basis. The Grade 70 transport chains have a working load limit (WLL) of 6,600 lbs. (19,800 lb.break strength) and provide more security than straps that may rip or tear.

19,800 lbs.
6,600 lbs.
NOT for overhead lifting