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Hand Trucks

Give your back a break by using one of our hand trucks to easily transport goods, appliances and more! Available with a variety of handles, wheels, and noses, these hand trucks come with tri-lobular thread-locking screws and weight capacities up to 500 pounds. Their modular design is perfect for longevity, as parts are all plug-and-play!

Types of Handles

When choosing a hand truck, handles are important features that impact maneuverability. Vinyl grips can add protection from colder environments like winter weather or freezers.

  • Horizontal Loop: Most popular, can grip in multiple places
  • Vertical Loop: Best back relief, can grip in multiple places
  • Single Grip: Optimum balance point, good for stairs and turning
  • Double Grip: Excellent steering, firm grip, solid load control

Types of Wheels

The type of wheel that will serve you best is one selected for the terrain you will be traveling on the most.

  • Four Ply Pneumatic: Great shock absorption, work well on gravel and uneven surfaces
  • Micro-cellular: Good for challenging surfaces, don't need air, won't go flat
  • Mold-on Rubber: Lightest, durable, rolls well over paved surfaces
  • Balloon Cushion: Lightweight, excellent shock absorption