Garden Tractor Ramp Calculator

From landscaping professionals to municipal contractors in charge of keeping lawns looking lush and tame, loading a garden tractor into a truck or trailer is an everyday task. is pleased to provide a garden tractor ramp calculator, which will help to determine the proper ramp length needed to load your tractor safely.

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How to Use the Garden Tractor Ramp Calculator

Using’s garden tractor ramp calculator is simple—all you’ll need are the measurements of your tractor’s wheelbase and ground clearance, as well as the height of the loading surface. Here’s how to measure each:

  • For the wheelbase of the tractor, measure axle to axle (in inches)
  • For ground clearance, measure the lowest point of the tractor to the ground (in inches)
  • For the height of the loading surface, measure from the top edge to the ground (in inches)

Once you have all of these measurements, plug them into’s garden tractor ramp calculator in the correct boxes and watch as the calculator gives you the minimum ramp length required to safely and successfully load your tractor. It couldn’t be easier!

Now that you know what length of loading ramp you need, find your garden tractor ramp!

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