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Big Boy Aluminum Folding Dual Runner UTV Ramps by Black Widow

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Key Features:

  • Exclusive EZ Traction flat-plate surface engineered for superior grip
  • Ramp system for UTVs & golf carts
  • Superior grade aluminum is lightweight yet strong

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For those looking to load UTVs or golf carts into a pickup or onto a trailer, the Big Boy EZ Riser Dual Runner UTV Ramps by Black Widow are designed to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. The punch plate traction design provides unmatched grip for your vehicle's tires, even in the wettest and muddiest conditions. The 14" wide dual runner loading ramps are available in multiple lengths long enough to accommodate various loading heights without creating a steep pitch. To further prevent bottoming out and create extra ground clearance, the Big Boy EZ Rizer UTV loading ramps feature a reinforced 12-degree offset hinge that mimics an arched ramp by creating a slight bow when open.

This convenient ramp system can help load almost every toy you own. Use it when transporting all of your equipment, including 4-wheelers, golf carts, lawn mowers, and motorcycles. Simply slide the ramps next to one another to create a 28" wide single runner ramp - perfect for loading larger bikes. Then pop the provided quick-connect C brackets through the fabricated slots and clip the attached pins into place to securely reconfigure and repurpose this handy ramp system. When you're finished loading your golf cart or UTV onto your truck or trailer, the aluminum ramps stow conveniently underneath your 4-wheeler, thanks to their portable folding design.

The ramps come standard with a full range of safety features designed to make the loading process as simple and easy as possible. Combination plate- and hook-end attachment lips rest directly on the tailgate or trailer edge for the entire width of the ramps, so the EZ Rizer UTV ramps work reliably on just about any loading surface. The plates are padded with rubber underneath to prevent surface scratches and provide additional grip. At the bottom end, a tapered foot creates the proper angle for full contact with the ground, establishing the largest footprint possible for maximum stability and support. Additionally, these golf cart loading ramps come with a set of heavy-duty cam buckle straps that hook on to the handy tie-down brackets on the underside of the ramps to secure them to your loading surface. For the safest and most efficient way to secure the ramp to your vehicle, skip the tie downs altogether using the optional Alumi-Loc Ramp Attaching System (sold separately). The highly recommended Alumi-Loc mounts permanently to your truck and provides a quick way to secure the ramp's hybrid plate-/hook-end to the vehicle, eliminating the need for safety straps.

  • Exclusive EZ Traction flat-plate surface engineered for superior grip
  • Ramp system for UTVs & golf carts
  • Superior grade aluminum is lightweight yet strong
  • Reinforced hinge with 12 deg. offset provides increased clearance
  • Tapered foot and combo hook/plate lip create smooth transition and stabilize platform
  • Folding design for low-profile storage
  • Available in four lengths: 8', 9', 10' and 12'
Usage Guidelines
Please note: This punch plate ramp is only intended for use with larger pneumatic tires such as those on ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, etc. It is not intended for use in loading dock applications with industrial equipment such as standard and electric pallet jacks. Using it in that application will void the warranty.